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LincodeLabs hosted SMAARC 2022

SMAARC hosted its 5th event and 2nd annual conference on the theme ‘Evolving Industry 4.0’ recently . LincodeLabs was the title sponsor for the conference. LincodeLabs is a leading AI visual inspection company that has demonstrated that its technology has achieved impressive results in defect detection vs. traditional machine vision technologies. A panel discussion on the topic ‘Addressing the challenges ... Read More »

In conversation with Amitabh Kumar, Founder of Wranga on “Helping Parents Mentor Their Child’s Digital Consumption”

Wranga is a platform that provides the best parenting advice for digital nutrition checks for your children. In conversation with Mr. Amitabh Kumar, Founder of Wranga and a renowned Digital Safety Expert, who has himself extensively worked on resolving online safety issues with platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and under his leadership, have successfully conducted more than 500 workshops on ... Read More »

How technology is enabling Indian students to choose suitable career paths at an early stage

Most students and learners in India struggle to identify a career of their choice even at the college level. How can technology companies help in this regard? Indian learners and their parents have traditionally adopted a conventional stance when it came to career choices. With greater exposure to global education standards, parents and learners are now able to have a ... Read More »

HKPC Digital DIY Portal Beta Version Debuts

100+ Digital Transformation Solutions Available to Help SMEs Thrive in the New Normal (Hong Kong, 25 May 2022) The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) announced the debut of its brand-new Digital DIY Portal Beta version today. A press conference was held in a novel format employing the mixed reality experience technology AltspaceVR so that the media can join anytime, anywhere ... Read More »

Cloud Environments Under Attack by Threat Actors Using New Techniques

Radware’s Threat Analysis Report shows a spike in the number of DDoS attacks. Radware Cloud DDoS Protection Service mitigates 580,766 attacks in 2021. Enterprises, post-pandemic have slowly started moving from their legacy infrastructure to predominantly cloud platforms. From small to large enterprises the movement towards the cloud has occurred considering various components such as remote and hybrid work structure, efficient ... Read More »

How efficient is an IMS for the Transformation of Your Business

An IMS can go a long way in aiding the transformation of your enterprise. In today’s connected era, businesses that make the digital transformation are the ones that stand a chance of retaining their market position, if not rising higher. Infrastructure management services are one such solution to make the journey into a wholly digitized enterprise hassle-free. Here are a ... Read More »

Rooter signs up biggest eSports deal with GodLike, as a part of their 100 cr investment in Indian eSports industry

GodLike moves from Loco to Rooter, making it a deal stated to be the biggest in Indian esports market New Delhi, May 25th, 2022: From stepping into India’s game streaming arena two years ago to becoming the biggest game and esports streaming platform, Rooter has unfurled a massive wave in India’s eSports landscape, in a flash. The platform is now ... Read More »

New AWS Healthcare Accelerator focuses on health equity

AWS is now accepting applications for the next Healthcare Accelerator, which focuses on improving health outcomes for the underserve Where someone lives and works can have a profound impact on their health. Simply being born in a high-income country versus a low-income country gives a person an 18-year advantage in life expectancy, according to the World Health Organization. Reducing health ... Read More »

Muthoot Finance Ltd to raise Rs. 300 crores through Public Issue of Secured Redeemable Non-Convertible Debentures

The Secured NCDs proposed to be issued have been rated [ICRA] AA+ (Stable) by ICRA India, 24th May, 2022: Muthoot Finance Ltd has announced its 27th series of Public Issue of Secured Redeemable Non-Convertible Debentures of face value Rs. 1,000 each (“Secured `NCDs”). The Issue is of base issue size of ₹ 75 crores with an option to retain oversubscription ... Read More »