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Discount Coupons Galore! Where to get the best deals?

With the sizeable boom in the retail industry, deals and discounts have become a rage in recent times and widely popular among major consumer groups. Special deals and discount coupons are one of the prominent promotional tools for a variety of retail segments such as food & beverages, travel & hospitality, consumer electronics, apparel, healthcare, etc. The one place where ... Read More »

Review Book – Exit Point 1

Author – Anil Goel While sci-fi/tech fiction thriller is nothing new, author Anil Goel’s Exit Point: 1 has built an entirely new space for itself by fusing technology with our unending fascination for life after death questions, and the spiritual and psychological elements related to it. Set in the year 2016, the tech thriller attempts to uncover a dark, mysterious ... Read More »

Lutyens’ Zone in Delhito get redesigned; boost real estate

Lutyens’ Zone in New Delhi, which also includes the Lutyens Bungalow Zone (LBZ) has recently been proposed to get redesigned. Lutyens’ Zone is named after the leading British architect Edwin Lutyens whomajorly holds the credit for this majestic architectural design and building of the Lutyens’ Zone, when India was under the domination of British Empire in the 1920s and 1930s. Lutyens’ Zone’s Design & ... Read More »

Menstrupedia review

The topic of menstruation has always been a taboo among major sections of the society. While a number of social groups have been trying to eradicate the stigma associated with menstruation, the overall success of their efforts has been limited. The problem may have been with the approach, something that is set to change with Menstrupedia – the friendly guide ... Read More »

Net Neutrality a.k.a “Save the Internet”

What would it be like to be forced to buy from a particular website, say for example –, when you want to go with Or suppose you want to browse BBC website, but your service provider insists that you try New York Times instead. Also, consider the prospect of paying a fee for visiting particular websites whereas other ... Read More »

NewsPatrolling is an online news portal dedicated to offering an assortment of stories from various domains such as entertainment, politics, business, lifestyle, careers, sports, reviews, automobile, technology and leisure. History NewsPatrolling was launched in the year 2013. At that time, it was published as a blog, focused primarily on technology news and updates. Overtime, it matured into a full-fledged news ... Read More »

Boost Your Online Presence and Improve Customer Targeting with

Wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs? To be able to boost your online presence, improve customer targeting, and increase conversion rates? The power to build an authentic, reliable, and trustworthy perception for your brand?Well, you can achieve these and a lot more by utilizing the premium digital advertising & marketing services ... Read More »

Revolutionizing online shopping – India’s Top 5 ecommerce portals

The e-tailing revolution has taken India by storm, with dozens of portals offering a wide variety of choices to online shoppers. Backed by millions of dollars’ worth of funding from institutional and angel investors, most of these portals have become hubs for accessing the best discounts and deals on a wide variety of products. Let’s take a look at India’s ... Read More »

The Dance Bible – Discover new horizons in the world of dance

Dance is the joyous celebration of life, of being yourself, and being alive. At some point of time, there are moments in everyone’s life when we have this unmistakable urge to express our joyous bearings through dance. Going a step further, if you want to establish a professional streak in the world of dance, connect with other fellow artists, share ... Read More »

Evaluating the Real Estate potential of South India: An overspill of opportunities for the realty sector in the region

The ever expanding horizon of the Indian realty sector is witnessing yet another rising of a profitable region. While the Delhi NCR region has been the talk of the town, owing to the large township projects by DLF, Supertech, Vatika, and others, what is worth noticing is the immense potential that South India holds because of the ample availability of ... Read More »