Avoid making these mistakes if you are new entrepreneur

Launching a startup isn’t just a one-time thing. It’s not like you’ve launched it today and boom you’re millionaire tomorrow. Before stepping into this world, there are a lot of things to take care about. If you’ve decided to become an entrepreneur, you’ve to whatever comes with it: success or failure. To avoid making mistakes that can affect your startup, keep in mind to avoid doing the common mistakes that are mentioned below.

  1. Striving to achieve perfection

Though perfection is a necessary factor in the success of your startup, but the level of excitement and the zeal to make everything perfect is high in new entrepreneurs. Numerous other questions will occupy your mind and are likely to distract you from the actual execution or outcome. So don’t overthink. Work more, worry less.

  1. Money management

Either they spend less than the optimal or more than it’s required. The most important aspect is balancing money smartly. There are some people who spend money freely and then there are others who do not pull out money from their pocket until there’s a urgent requirement. In extreme cases, both can prove to be harmful.

  1. Obsessed with competition

Usually, the first time entrepreneurs spend most of their time closely observing and tracking the moves of their competitors. This isn’t right because by doing this you are obstructing your brain. You should observe, but shouldn’t be immersed into it so much that you forget about your own startup. Strive to become different from others by adapting unique strategies.

  1. Not marketing

There is a common belief among entrepreneurs that if they build it, the consumers will come. They become so over-confident over their product that they think anyone can rely on word of mouth and free PR. But the reality asks for huge investment in marketing of the product or services. This includes content marketing, SEO, paid advertising and PR.

  1. Losing focus

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is losing focus. Owing to unfulfilled expectations, low returns often divert the mind of entrepreneurs and makes them think to switch to other businesses. Progress reports should be used as a motivation and not as a disappointment. Work to overcome the challenge and be focused.

  1. Not setting goals

New entrepreneurs easily get enraptured by what they call, “big idea.” Without any solid plan, they just work. But, in order to succeed, you must set attainable and realistic goals. Make a point of setting both long and short-term specific goals. After setting a reasonable goal, work day-in and day-out to fulfill it.

  1. Over-confident

Being over-enthusiastic and thinking you can do the job alone isn’t the sign of a good entrepreneur. Knowing you products inside out doesn’t make you the only person who can do make the business successful. Appointing a experienced and knowledgeable mentor or consultant can provide you with a much needed perspective on your market and business.

  1. Bad Location

What makes the cities the hub of startup is the people who live there and the standard. And businesses tend to prosper there because they don’t have to generate a startup culture in that place. Cities put diversity at your hand by making it possible for people to come forward from numerous background and experiences. So before launching your startup, do a good research and find out a city having a strong startup force.

  1. Avoiding the team

No matter if the business becomes a failure or is successful, the founder must always be around, in the company of the team. He is the one who can make the company touch the sky or make it fall hard on the ground. You should consider your team as your biggest strength. Build a good relationship with them.

  1. Customer’s need

This is one among the loopholes which might make entrepreneurs suffer a huge loss. Instead of focusing on the ones who will use the creation, they focus on what they’ve created. While setting the products, you must consider your customers need. Add the necessary innovations for attracting customers. Do a research carefully and act wisely.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, and making mistakes is an inevitable part of the process. Follow the points mentioned above and avoid the mistakes every entrepreneur commits.






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