Bare Fine Aluminium Wire In India

Bare fine aluminium wire has emerged as the preferred choice for a wide variety of applications such as motor winding wire, jewelry, PVC insulated cable, medical equipment manufacturing, electronics, and DIY projects. If you are looking for best quality bare fine aluminium wire in India, it’s recommended that you approach established players such as Bansal Dhatu Udyog.

Based in Delhi, Bansal Dhatu Udyog is a leading manufacturer of bare fine aluminium wire in India. The company utilizes high precision aluminium drawing dies that enable consistent quality in terms of tensile strength, thickness and finish. Most of the equipment and machinery used is automated, which eliminates the possibility of human error.

At Bansal Dhatu Udyog, customer satisfaction is paramount. Every batch of bare fine aluminium wire is rigorously tested to ensure that it meets specifications provided by the client. Bansal Dhatu Udyog specializes in three types of bare fine aluminium wire in India as listed below.

Bare fine aluminium wire sizes at Bansal Dhatu Udyog

  • (0.040 – 0.030 inch) (1.016 mm – 0.762 mm)
  • (0.029 – 0.025 inch) (0.736 mm – 0.635 mm)
  • (0.025 – 0.020 inch) (0.635 mm – 0.508 mm)

Buy bare fine aluminium wire in India at affordable rates

When you place your order with Bansal Dhatu Udyog, you can be rest assured about getting the most competitive rates. Below is the current rate list for bare fine aluminium wire manufactured at Bansal Dhatu Udyog.

  • (0.040 – 0.030 inch) – Rs 22 per kg
  • (0.029 – 0.025 inch) – Rs 25 per kg
  • (0.025 – 0.020 inch) – Rs 30 per kg

Bansal Dhatu Udyog caters to a varied client list including the ones with small orders as well as medium to large, bulk orders.

If you are looking for bare fine aluminium wire in India, you can contact Bansal Dhatu Udyog at or call +91-9999068126 / 9711526335 / 9899218811 .


M: 9999068126

Address: First Floor, J-139, Sector -2, Bawana Industrial Area, Delhi, India. Pincode : 110039

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