Best places all around the world to experience cherry blossoms 

Cherry blossoms explode every spring all around the globe. Nature seekers are attracted from different corners of the globe to observe the trees blooming pale pink and white flowers. The Japan Meteorological Corporation every year forecasts when the bloom would occur helping the onlookers to plan their trip accordingly. The world celebrates the advent of cherry blossom through organizing various festivals with vibrant traditions. Listed below are some of the places around the world you should consider experiencing cherry blossoms.

  1. Washington C., USA

From mid-March to mid-April is the time when the National Cherry Blossom Festival runs. In 1912, about 3000 cherry blossom trees had been gifted by Japan to the U.S.  Some of them found a home in the Manhattan’s Sakura Park and some other are placed along the Washington D.C. Tidal Basin’s bank. Since the full bloom occurs in late March, it’s highly recommended to visit the place during the last week of March.

  1. Paris, France

Even the Eiffel Tower loses its charm when compared to the pink, fluffy cherry blossoms arrive and the trees start blooming pink and white flowers. Orchard trees which are located just 6-miles away from Paris to the south is a place you mustn’t miss. There are two separate orchards in the Parc de Sceaux- one with around 150 trees blooming white flowers and another with only pink-blossomed trees. The best time to experience full bloom is during late April.

  1. Vancouver, Canada

Possessing around 40.000 cherry trees, every spring the trees showcase the full bloom making the parks feel alive with food, music and with mellow vibes. What makes the spot most reliable to experience cherry blossoms is that the blossom lasts for 2 months at a stretch. The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the arrival hoping to inspire and attract local visitors and artists from early March to late April.

  1. Kinosaki, Japan

This place tops Japan’s destination list for hot springs and is situated on the banks of Sea of Japan. You only need to invest in a 2.5-hour ride on a train from Kyoto to witness the cherry blossoms during the springs. This festival lets you embrace the ancient Japanese tradition and culture. Kinosaki also houses around 7 hot spring, sacred bathhouses. For a relaxing and peaceful getaway from the hustle of life, you should definitely consider visiting this place once.

  1. Bonn, Germany

Ever came across pictures on Instagram or Pinterest with tunnels of pink blooming trees all around? Yes. There’s a chance the pictures might have been taken from Bonn, Germany. You’ll find flourishing cherry blossoms in the narrow streets of Altstadt. The cherry blossom festival in the open air provides music and food for people to have a good time and enjoy the beauty of nature as well.

  1. Jerte Valley, Spain

Jerte Valley in the Extremadura region of Spain would give you a look of a blanket of ice during the spring season. But in actual they are hills on hills blooming with cherry blossoms of white colour, therefore, providing a mesmerizing view of the region. Every spring an annual festival is organized with musical performances, tasting sessions, and markets to celebrate the arrival of bloom. The recommended time to visit the place is during late March and the first 2 weeks in April.

  1. Brooklyn Botanical Garden, USA

The most diverse and largest collection of trees blooming blossoms other than Japan is located in Brooklyn Botanical Garden in New York’s city. Sakura Matsuri is a long festival which is organized every spring to celebrate cherry blossom trees that are lined in the park. The scenic beauty of the area is not only limited to cherry blossoms, but there are also a plethora of other places to see.

Not only in pink and white there are about 600 different kinds of cherry blossom trees that bloom different colours such as magenta, purple-pink, gum-pink, white having pink centres. Pack your bags, spread a blanket, drink and enjoy with good music and friends. Do not miss this sweet and short affair which lasts for hardly 2 weeks. Cherry blossom’s beauty is worth witnessing once in your life.

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