Best ways to earn Instagram followers

You’re missing out on a lot many things if you aren’t using Instagram just yet. It’s a paradise for those who want to show off their brand, stand out and boost their business. With over more than 400 million regular users, Instagram is a place where tons of creative and competitive brands. To grow your business by earning more followers day by day, we’ve made you a list of ways to earn Instagram followers.

  • To get a greater number of followers on Instagram, take into consideration how your Instagram profile looks like. Your profile should entice people on Instagram to hit the “follow” button. When a person visits your profile, they quickly take a look of your feed by scrolling and read your bio. Within seconds they decide whether the content is worth following or not. Your profile needs to have an effective bio, great content and active stories to convert the visitors into followers.
  • Once you’ve achieved the number of followers you want, it’s time to think about how to make them constantly be interested in your profile. The most favorable way is to post attractive and relevant photos on a regular basis. At the same time, if you post too much and flood the feeds of your followers, not only they’ll unfollow you but also won’t be enticing to other visitors.
  • Remember what earned fame to Instagram? Yes, filters. By making your photos captivating, it allows people to personalize their pictures. Instagram took care of your trouble to find the ideal filter by providing 20 filters in the app itself.
  • Using relevant and popular hashtags is another way which will earn your followers in a good number. What hashtags do is, they provide more visibility to your pictures, hence, generating more interaction. But don’t go overboard, select 2-3 hashtags per picture.
  • Keeping in mind the rule of reciprocation, follow others if you want to be followed. Instead of sitting back and waiting for people to follow you, put yourself out there by being active. Since Instagram has a lot of brands to offer, go for brands or users who share the same interest with you. Ask for shout-outs, get engaged with influencers and follow stars on Instagram.
  • The most alluring way is to host contests for your followers. Since engagement is the key to get followers, try to keep your followers entertained by engaging with them through contests. Add captions under amazing pictures that inform people about the contest.

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