Recognizing Outstanding Contributions to National Excellence by individuals across the country..

New Delhi, India – May 22, 2024 – The stage will be set aglow at the esteemed HOTEL TAJ DECCAN in Hyderabad as the “Bharat Ke Anmol” Award Ceremony will be unfolded, marking a momentous occasion of gratitude and recognition towards individuals whose service to the nation is nothing short of extraordinary. Conceived as a beacon of appreciation, the “Bharat Ke Anmol” initiative, spearheaded by Dr. Mohammed Nizamuddin and a dedicated cohort of visionaries, seeks to pay homage to those whose unwavering commitment has shaped the destiny of our nation.
In a glittering ceremony, that will be attended by  Mr.Chukkapalli Suresh, Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Korea along with various  luminaries and dignitaries from various walks of life, the spirit of patriotism and altruism will fill the air as the winners of the prestigious “Bharat Ke Anmol” Awards will be unveiled. Each recipient will stand as a testament to the power of dedication, selflessness, and tireless service in driving positive change in society.
The previous year’s winners serve as guiding lights, inspiring the next generation with their remarkable achievements:

1. Padmas Shri Dr. Vijay Kumar Shah
2. Smt.Dr. Chandrakala, Padia, Former Vice Chancellor – Banaras Hindu University
3. Smt.Dr.Geeta Singh,Director-Delhi University
4. Smt.Dr.Blossom Kochhar
5. Dr. T.S. Rao (Father of Vaccines)
6. Smt.Komal Singh, Senior Journalist – News18-Jammu & Kashmir
7. Ms.Richa Vashishta, President – Maa Foundation
8. Mr.Mir Mohtesham, Mr.India (Body Building)
9. Air Comndr.Sri.RZ Qureshi and many more ..

Their exemplary contribution does not only leave an indelible mark on society but will also set a standard of excellence for others to emulate.

Dr.Venkata K Ganjam, Co-Founder added that the “Bharat Ke Anmol” Award Ceremony stands as a testament to the power of unity, compassion, and collective action in building a brighter future for the nation. As the evening will be drawing to a close, it will be leaving behind a trail of inspiration and renewed commitment to the service of humanity.

About “Bharat Ke Anmol”: “Bharat Ke Anmol” is an initiative conceived by Dr. Mohammed Nizamuddin and like-minded individuals to honor and acknowledge the unforgettable services rendered by exemplary individuals to the nation. Through the “Bharat Ke Anmol” Award Ceremony, the initiative aims to shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes whose selfless contributions have made a significant impact on society. It serves as a platform to express gratitude and appreciation for their remarkable service towards the betterment of the nation.

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