How To Become A Vehicle Test Driver?

With India emerging as the world’s third largest car market, significant job opportunities have been created in the auto sector

With more money in their pockets, a large section of Indian households is now able to afford a four-wheeler. Car sales are booming, with many companies expanding their production facilities. The automobile industry is also creating thousands of new job opportunities. One of these is the job of an automotive test driver, also known as vehicle test driver, vehicle tester or road test driver.

How to become an automotive test driver?

Every new model or facelift version has to undergo road tests prior to being launched in the market. Cars have to undergo meticulous and rigorous testing to ensure all the parts are working properly. Problems are identified, which are then fixed by the engineering team. Road tests of cars are done by automotive test drivers who are especially trained for the job. Let us take a look at some of the basic requirements in terms of how to become a vehicle test driver.

What is educational qualification required to become a vehicle test driver?

Companies usually may not demand the candidate to have any specific educational qualification. However, it goes without saying that some formal education can place you ahead of other candidates vying for the same job. If you have a B.E or a Diploma in mechanical engineering, you have a higher chance of getting selected as an automotive test driver. However, the company will not be looking solely at your educational qualifications.

You will be assessed for your knowledge of the automotive industry. If you have prior experience of working in the auto industry, you may be given preference over other candidates. You also need to be physically and mentally fit, as the job of an automotive test driver requires working long hours. On many occasions, you will have to work alone. You may be asked to test vehicles in the local area or travel to remote locations. Quite often, you have to be ready for overtime work hours and handling emergency situations.

What tasks are there for a vehicle test driver?

Just driving the car around will not make you a successful automotive test driver. You will be provided training to spot problems in the vehicle, document them and report it to the company officials. You will have to focus to identify any defects or problems with the vehicle. You will be required to check all the major components and ensure they are in proper condition. You need to check that the vehicle is properly serviced and has the required oil, fuel and water.

While driving through the city, highways, off-road environments and test tracks, you will have to assess the performance of the brakes, clutch, gears and other parts of the vehicle. You need to have good communication skills, so that you can clearly report any problems you noticed to the concerned company officials. You should also be aware of all the various testing devices that are installed on a test mule.

What is salary of a road test driver in India?

Salary of a vehicle test driver in India can vary based on skills and experience level. Freshers can expect a starting salary of around Rs 3 lakh per annum. Thereafter, your salary may increase based on your performance and experience.

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