Bitscape Revolutionizes Arvind Ltd’s Sampling Process with Microsoft Power Apps

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA – In a groundbreaking digital transformation, Bitscape, in collaboration with Microsoft, has reshaped the textile sampling process for Arvind Ltd, a textile behemoth with a legacy of nearly 100 years. The implementation of Microsoft’s Power Apps has not only streamlined Arvind’s operations but also brought remarkable improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Arvind, founded in 1931, stands as a testament to India’s textile prowess with revenues surpassing USD 1 billion and an extensive workforce of over 25,000 employees. Catering to global brands across continents, the company’s challenge lay in the massive volume of fabric samples they had to manage and retrieve. Nitin Parmar, CIO at Arvind, highlighted the manual processes as “time-consuming” and “prone to information loss and errors.”

However, the tide turned when Bitscape came into the picture during an “App in a Day” workshop, presenting a swift and effective solution by leveraging Microsoft’s Power Apps. “We’ve always believed in the transformative power of technology,” said Kartik Shah, CEO of Bitscape. “With Power Apps and its integrated AI capabilities, we’re enabling smarter decisions, faster results, and true digital empowerment for our clients.”

The solution developed for Arvind utilizes QR codes for each sampling order, integrating seamlessly with Arvind’s existing CRM system. This QR-based process eradicates previous inefficiencies, allowing teams to scan codes, instantly access order specifications, and track the order’s progress. As a result, human errors in sampling have plummeted by 90%, production errors have been reduced by 70%, and order turnaround time is now 30% faster.

The transformation is not just about numbers. Raju Patni, a marketing manager with Arvind, emphasized the solution’s user-friendliness, likening it to the simplicity of using a mobile phone.

Beyond the current success, the horizon looks promising. Arvind is exploring further integrations of Power Apps to revolutionize vendor bidding processes and the cotton purchasing journey.

In a rapidly changing digital world, partnerships like the one between Bitscape, Microsoft, and Arvind exemplify how technological integration can breathe new life into traditional industries, setting a precedent for others to follow.

About Bitscape:

Bitscape is a consulting firm specializing in Microsoft technologies. With a belief in the power of technology to transform businesses, Bitscape offers solutions ranging from Microsoft 365 Business Applications, Security, and Azure Infrastructure, to Data & AI, and more.

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