Boost your suave factor with the new G-SHOCK GM-B2100AD-2A and GMW-B5000D-2

~The newest additions, crafted in stunning metallic and blue accents, add sophistication and class to the iconic G-SHOCK aesthetic~

National, 22 May 2024: G-SHOCK, the trailblazing watch brand renowned for its exceptional durability and visionary craftsmanship, is proud to unveil its latest addition to the G-SHOCK family: the G-SHOCK GM-B2100AD-2A and GMW-B5000D-2. The latest additions embody the pinnacle of style and functionality and are designed to infuse a bold splash of color into the brand’s distinctive ethos.

The latest masterpieces draw inspiration from two exemplary models – the GMB2100 and the GMWB5000. With meticulous craftsmanship, the GMB2100AD-2A and GMWB5000D-2 timepieces seamlessly intertwine these iconic designs with captivating accents of vibrant metallic blue, showcasing G-SHOCK’s ability to provide durable and fashion-forward timepieces.

Crafted for the modern man who seeks a passion for refinement, the GM-B2100AD-2A and the GMWB5000D-2 embody a delightful metallic tone, achieved through vapor deposition, harmoniously complements the silver gleam of the full-metal exteriors, lending a touch of sophistication to the wrist. The metal band of the two timepieces are artfully dimpled to emulate the original design aesthetic of the G-SHOCK resin bands. The stainless-steel bezels undergo a meticulous forging, cutting, and polishing process, resulting in a stunning interplay of depth and dimension. The case back employs a screw-lock construction with diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating, ensuring a secure seal and durable polished look. Every aspect exudes sophistication and style, making these timepieces a must-have for those who value both functionality and fashion in their wardrobe.

In addition to their impeccable visual appeal, the GM-B2100AD-2ADR, and GMW-B5000D-2DR are packed with advanced features to cater to the needs of the modern globetrotter. With mobile link capabilities via Bluetooth, users can easily access world time in approximately 300 cities, set reminders, and even locate their phones with ease. The watch also features Tough Solar technology, which ensures reliable performance by harnessing power from sunlight and all forms of white light.

The timepieces epitomize G-SHOCK’s dedication to innovation and excellence, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with timeless style. They meet diverse needs by offering a fusion of functionality, style, and advanced features within the G-SHOCK lineup, showcasing the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional products.Top of Form The G-SHOCK GM-B2100AD-2A and GMW-B5000D-2 are priced at INR 42,995/- and INR 35,995/- respectively and are available at G-SHOCK India and Casio India stores nationwide, or online at

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