Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is a British politician, currently serving as the Prime Minister of United Kingdom. He has also been serving as the leader of the Conservative Party since July 23, 2019. Johnson is a Member of Parliament, representing the UK parliamentary constituency of Uxbridge and South Ruislip, which he won in 2015 and 2017. Johnson’s strong support for Brexit is one of the key reasons that have made him a popular political figure in the country. There are many who believe that Johnson can help United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Johnson has had his fair share of ups and downs in his political career and at times he has also been accused of racism and sexism.

Early life and education

Boris Johnson was born on June 19, 1964 to Charlotte Johnson Wahl and Stanley Johnson. He was born in New York, USA, but his parents shifted to England soon after. Johnson received education at European School in Brussels, Ashdown House and later at Eton College. He was anachiever since an early age, as he was named ‘King’s Scholar’ and elected president of Oxford Union. Johnson married Allegra Mostyn-Owen in 1987, but the marriage did not last even a year. The marriage was formally dissolved in 1993. Johnson married again the same year to Marina Wheeler, who was his batch mate at European School in Brussels. However, that marriage has also been dissolved in 2018.

Political career

Boris Johnson had early exposure to politics, as he comes from a family with political background. His father was a Conservative MEP and worked for World Bank and European Commission. Johnson’s mother was born to Sir James Fawcett, a leading barrister and president of the European Commission of Human Rights. After his education, Johnson started working as a journalist. He had worked with leading media houses such as The Times, The Wolverhampton Express and Star. His last stint as a journalist was at The Daily Telegraph.

Boris Johnson’s political career began when he was elected as Member of Parliament (MP) from Henley-on-Thames constituency in 2001. He retained this seat for seven years till 2008. In 2008, Johnson contested the Mayoral election and became the Mayor of London. He retained this position till 2016. Since 2015, Johnson has been an MP from Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency. In 2016-2018, he had also served as the Foreign Secretary of United Kingdom.

Personal pursuits

Boris Johnson likes to use his free time for creative pursuits. In an interview, Johnson said that he likes to make things or paint something to relax his mind. Being a journalist in his early career, Johnson also likes to read and write.



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