Boys Haircuts You Should Try This Year

Toddlers enjoy boys haircuts just as big people do. You can decide to do a crew cut, messy fringes, or faux locks on your small boy. Others want to choose the hairstyles to copy a celebrity they like and look stylish. There are many toddler haircuts for toddlers that should make choosing one an easy task.

Choose a style that matches your boy’s face shape and hair type and watch him beam with joy. He will also be proud as he stands out from the rest at school. Below are some boys haircuts to try on your little prince before the end of the month.

  1. The Crew Cut

This hair cut fits boys of all ages, regardless of the hair type. The barber will give your tiny prince an even cut all around. The style is also easy to maintain.

  1. High And Tight

One of the classic boys haircuts this year. The hair and tight hairdo resemble the crew cut. According to LoveHairStyles, the difference with this cut is that the hair on the sides and back is slightly shaved to leave some volume at the top.

  1. Hard Part

The barber leaves some volume at the top and a buzz on the sides when styling this hairstyle. They then make a line on the scalp to create apart at the side. You can choose the side you want the boy’s hair to lie in when styling.

  1. Balding

If you are looking for a very easy to attain and low maintenance style, try balding. The barber cuts the boy’s hair short, ensuring all the sides are even.

  1. Mohawk

Does your little man seem to want to try something new? Let him try the Mohawk style. The barber gives a fading cut on the sides of the head and leaves some volume at the top. You can add spikes to make the style pop.

  1. Fauxhawk

The fauxhawk boys haircuts resemble the Mohawk style and are the best alternative if you want a change. The barber shaves the sides and leaves the center with some volume. You can make the style resemble Mohawk by spiking the hair in the middle.

  1. Curls

Curly hair is beautiful. If you want to maintain your boy’s curls, you can ask the barber to reduce the length. Ask him to remove the air that could be distracting to his face but keep some length. Frequently visit the barber to keep the style looking great.

  1. Design Cut

Let your son play around with his hair by choosing the design cut for him. The barber will use clippers to fade the sides. He then reduces the volume on top using scissors.

  1. Small Fringe

Do you like boys haircuts with a stylish fridge? If your boy does not mind using products on his hair, this is a style worth letting him try. Look for products that add texture and style. It is a great style for boys but many avoid it because it needs regular touches with hair products.

  1. Afro

If your toddler has thick hair, he can style it in an afro. The barber cuts some volume on one side of the head and the back. He then parts it to one side and uses trimmers to cut the part into the hair. You can use a styling product to keep the side part in place.

  1. Classic Cut

If you love your boy’s hair kept simple, you can try the classic cut on him. The barber uses scissors to reduce the hair on the sides and the back. They leave some length on the top to create a neat look.

  1. Bald Fade

Once you start doing fades, you will always want to try a new fade hairdo. The bald fade is easy to achieve and maintain. You can choose this style if your kid is not still on the barber’s chair but want him to get a classy look.

  1. Spikes

If your son’s hair is thick, don’t let the year-end without trying this style on him. The spiky hairstyle is easy to achieve and maintain. You only need a styling gel. However, to get the best style, you would want to opt for boys haircuts from a professional stylist.

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