Brave vs. Chrome: Which Browser is better?

Many viewers saw the introduction of Brave browser as a significant threat to Google Chrome. Developers say that Brave is trying to fix the Internet. It has created a buzz in the market by introducing a system that has ad trackers by default. This browser is fast, safe, secure and crypto-friendly. And Chrome has features packed with fun extensions. This keeps your digital life organised across multiple devices. Here’s a comparison between the two for you to decide which browser is better.

  1. Speed

The reason behind Brave’s impressive speed is the absence of third party ads which means less content to be downloaded before a web page is accessed. Though it is faster than Chrome, when it comes to rendering speed it trails Chrome. On some websites, Brave is faster because the ads are blocked. Since it is a bit slow in some websites, the team is working hard to make it the fasted Browser.

  1. Cryptocurrency Friendly

With an inbuilt Basic Attention Token (BAT) wallet Brave browser supports cryptocurrency. The wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum can be loaded. However, Google Chrome does not support cryptocurrencies directly but it supports its related extensions. Recently, Google announced banning all crypto mining extensions on Chrome due to a rise in the no.of malicious extensions in the web store. Despite Google being not so crypto-friendly there are a lot of extensions regarding cryptocurrency that works on Google such as Metamask.

  1. Security

Since Brave does not require third-party extensions to guarantee to browse security most users tend to trust Brave. To users for whom extra extensions seem annoying this app might be alluring for them. But it is also an issue on the other hand since extensions are really helpful in day-to-day activities. Whereas Google takes the lead on browser security by updating Chrome to its latest version. Also, it frequently scans for malicious downloads and provides users with the opportunity to enjoy security updates. Chrome clearly wins in this part.

  1. RAM Usage

Brave uses a lot of memory like any other Chromium-based browser. Since it uses every byte of the RAM Brave is affected by memory leaks. A hard reboot is the only option due to these leaks. Google also eats up a lot of memory since it duplicates some tasks for every tab. Though this functionality makes things convenient some extensions can leak memory which ends up uncleaned. And over time high RAM usage occurs.

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