Can we change our eye colour naturally?

It does not matter what eye colour you have, we bet you’ve wondered at least once in your life how you’d look with different eye colour. The fact that a no. of factors can change the colour of our eyes naturally is unknown to a lot of people out there. If you are among those people who wish to change their eye colour naturally, here’s how you can do it.

  1. Mood
  • Did you know that the colour of your eyes also depends on your emotions? When we become extremely happy or aggressive, the colour of our eye changes.
  • With the change of emotions, the rate of the heartbeat also changes. This affects the colour of our irises. You can notice your iris becoming more intense, lighter, or darker.
  1. Raw food and detoxing diet
  • According to alternative medicine, the health of the organs and the colour of eyes are connected. Dr Robert Morse says that the eye’s outer quadrant is connected to the brain. On the other hand, the inner part of the eye and the digestive tract are connected.
  • He also says that the consumption of a plethora of vegetables and fruits can help in changing the eye’s colour. The shades of yellow depict a huge concentration of toxins in the body.
  • However, a person with a healthy digestive system has an intense green eye colour and the sclera also appears to be bright white and clear. Including spinach in your diet keeps your eyes bright and youthful.
  1. Makeup
  • Using makeup does not exactly change the colour of your iris, but it can be used to emphasize the natural colour of your eyes.
  • By putting the correct eyeshadow, you can make the eyes look duller, brighter, or paler. For enhancing blue eyes, put on some orange-tinted colours. It will make your eyes look bluer and brighter.
  • For people with brown eyes, you can go with cool shades such as blue and purple to enhance the natural eye colour.
  • Bluish eyeshadows are highly recommended to enhance grey eyes. Shades such as melon, copper, orange, peach, brown and salmon shades are the best options to go for.
  • If you want your eyes to look naturally grey put on smoky or sooty shades like charcoal, silver, and black.
  • Green-eyed people can use brown or purple eyeshadows which will make their eyes look more vibrant and brighter.
  • To enhance the gold and green flakes present in hazel eyes, use dusty pink, bronze, or eggplant shades.
  1. Food
  • Not all, but certain food items with vital nutrients and medicinal properties have the ability to slightly change the eye colour naturally.
  • This is only applicable to people whose eye colour have changed by a specific disease, infection, poor health or poor nutrition.
  • The food items mentioned below can help you to restore your eye’s health and colour by curing the diseases and infections.
  • Food items that can help in curing your eye colour are spinach, ginger, meat, honey, nuts, olive oil, chamomile tea, fish, meat, and uvaursi tea.

Bottom Line:

Another interesting fact is that there are reports of people’s eye colour changing on its own. Though till now there isn’t any specific reason for this, scientists say this isn’t associated with any disease or infection.

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