Calcium – one of the most essential nutrients found in milk

Calcium (Ca) is needed by the human body to perform a wide variety of functions. Most of us are aware of its role in building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Calcium performs various other functions inside the human body such as regulating heart rhythm, transmitting nerve impulses, enabling blood clotting properties, etc. With so many critical functions performed by calcium, it’s apparent that we need to ensure an adequate supply of calcium through our diet. Dairy products such as full fat organic milk, organic curd, etc. can easily fulfill our need for calcium on a daily basis. One can even consider double toned milk nutrition, since toned milk contains roughly the same level of calcium, as full cream milk.

The body has a complex mechanism to access the calcium it needs. Not many people are aware that close to 99% of the calcium present in human body is stored in bones and teeth. The remaining 1 percent is available in the blood and other tissues. The body’s primary source of calcium is the food that we eat on a daily basis. When the calcium supply from food falls below a certain level, the body accesses the calcium stored in the bones. Later, this calcium taken from bones is replaced, a process that keeps repeating depending on our diet. However, if the replacement does not occur over longer durations, it can lead to weakening of the bones. This could lead to medical conditions such as Osteoporosis. Dairy products such as full fat organic milk, organic curd, etc. are a good way to prevent such debilitating conditions.

Another important aspect is that Vitamin D is needed for optimal absorption of calcium in the human body. No doubt, there are calcium supplements available that are fortified with Vitamin D, but if you are looking for natural, healthier choices, dairy products would be a good option. Full fat organic milk, organic curd, etc. contain copious amounts of naturallyoccurring Vitamin D, which ensures optimal calcium absorption. Research studies have shown that synthetically processed calcium and Vitamin D may not be as effective as naturally occurring calcium and Vitamin D found in milk and milk products. Double toned milk nutrition can also be an option, as some of these products have higher levels of calcium and Vitamin D.

For best results, maintain a healthy diet, comprising adequate amounts of fruits & vegetables, grains, seeds & nuts, pulses, lentils, dairy products, etc. You need to exercise regularly, as it is also a key factor in maintaining healthy bones and a healthy body.

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