Can ChatGPT Replace Google?

An AI-based platform, ChatGPT has capabilities to engage users in conversations that are almost similar to human communications. ChatGPT can not only answer queries like Google search, but also has additional functions such as query assessment and disallowing inappropriate requests. It can also answer follow-up questions. ChatGPT has capability to learn from its interactions and correct itself. This is quite similar to what humans can do.

With ChatGPT making headlines across the globe, there is an emerging perception that it has potential to replace Google. For years, there has been no challenger to Google. Can ChatGPT really replace Google? Is ChatGPT better than Google? To answer such questions, here are some important things to understand.

Answering queries

Google has evolved into an answering machine, wherein it can identify questions and find answers on the web. Google snippets are really useful, as users can get their queries answered in the shortest possible time. It does not even require them to visit the website.

ChatGPT can be better in this area, as it can source information from different sources and collate it into a more detailed snippet. In comparison, Google merely shows the exact text picked up from a website. Wherever applicable, ChatGPT has potential to provide more detailed answers to queries.


When using ChatGPT, it is not possible to verify the source of information. So, while the interactions seem more human, the reliability of information supplied is difficult to verify. In comparison, you can see the website from where the information has been picked on Google. With clear attribution, users can verify if the information is reliable or not. When it comes to trust, Google is still way ahead of ChatGPT.

Machine learning limitations

Machine learning has great potential, but it can take years to perfect. For example, IBM’s Deep Blue took several years of development before it could defeat chess champion Garry Kasparov. And this was just about learning chess.

Now imagine learning all the world’s knowledge, processing it and coming up with suitable answers. It is a massive learning curve and it is not even certain if AI can deliver as per expectations. As such, ChatGPT will continue to be challenged by its machine learning limitations. Google is much simpler, as it just returns the most relevant info already available somewhere on the world wide web.

Issue of scale and speed

People prefer google, as it shows answers in milliseconds. It already has an indexed database and does not have to spend too much time in getting relevant results. ChatGPT is also fast, but currently it has relatively only a small number of users.

Experts are not sure if ChatGPT can deliver with the same efficiency when it has millions of users and searches every second like Google. Large-scale implementation of ChatGPT may require enormous computing power, which will increase cost of operations for the platform.

It is clear from above that ChatGPT is not an immediate threat to Google. ChatGPT has potential, but it can take years before it can be as widely used as Google. Nonetheless, Google is not taking ChatGPT lightly. They may not express their fears in public, but tech teams inside Google are likely to be actively working to counter a potential threat from ChatGPT. Google is also aware that Microsoft has invested in ChatGPT and the platform is expected to get more funding in future.

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