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Top 5 Fastest Cars In The World

For thrill seekers, acceleration and speed can be a hugely satisfying experience. If you belong to that tribe, it is likely that driving the fastest cars in the world will be on your wish list. To understand your available options, here’s a quick overview of the top five fastest cars in the world. Bugatti Chiron – Launched in 2016, Bugatti ... Read More »

Top 5 Fastest Motorcycles In The World

The race to build the fastest motorcycle has been going on since more than a century now. The earliest of motorcycles produced during the early twentieth century had a top speed of just around 40-45 kmph. Even then, they were the fastest motorcycles of their times. In present day, the magical number in terms of speed is 186 mph or ... Read More »

Which Is World’s Fastest Electric Car?

With the world moving towards an all-electric ecosystem, a number of new electric cars have been launched. There are also the ones that are currently under development and expected to be launched soon. Even though costlier, electric cars offer numerous advantages over their fossil-fuel counterparts. One major advantage is faster acceleration, which makes riding these EVs a lot more exciting. ... Read More »

Which Car Has Lowest Mileage?

While luxury cars are a beast in terms of power output, the flip side is that they consume a lot of fuel. People with deep pockets certainly won’t mind paying for the gas. But one also needs to think from the perspective of environmental conservation. It makes us wonder which car has the lowest mileage. For better understanding, here’s a ... Read More »

Top 5 Bestselling Cars Of All Time

Cars have a long history spanning more than a century. These have played an important role in facilitating human progress and economic development. Just before cars made their appearance, human movement relied heavily on animal-driven carriages and carts. The first car developed was Benz Patent-Motorwagen, which was patented way back in 1886. Since then, thousands of car models have been ... Read More »

Which Is The Most Popular Car Color?

When it comes to buying a car, most people already have some preferences for the car color. If someone wants a specific color, they are sure to check with the dealer if that particular shade is available or not. Sometimes, car buyers are willing to wait several weeks to get their favorite color variant. So, what’s the most in demand ... Read More »

Which Electric Car Has The Longest Range?

So, what do people usually ask when they come across an electric car? Well, one of the most common questions they have in mind is the range of the electric car. It’s only natural for people to think in this manner, as the battery running out of juice is quite a realistic possibility. Range anxiety is something that has come ... Read More »

The Car for All Seasons: The Mazda3

People want a car that can do it all and one that doesn’t make any compromises along the way. Sometimes a well-rounded vehicle has only a bit of everything. On the contrary, the Mazda3 is beloved worldwide for the way it ticks off every box while delivering loads of style at an affordable price. Let’s investigate further to see why ... Read More »

What’s Driving These Autonomous Vehicles?

When automobiles first entered the scene in the early 20th century, they were referred to as ‘horseless carriages’. Now, more than a hundred years later, another significant revolution is taking place with the launch of autonomous vehicles. First, it was the horses, and now it’s time for humans to be replaced with autonomous vehicles that are powered by self-driven/driverless technology. ... Read More »