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Avoid making these mistakes if you are new entrepreneur

Launching a startup isn’t just a one-time thing. It’s not like you’ve launched it today and boom you’re millionaire tomorrow. Before stepping into this world, there are a lot of things to take care about. If you’ve decided to become an entrepreneur, you’ve to whatever comes with it: success or failure. To avoid making mistakes that can affect your startup, ... Read More »

Electrify with the best aluminium

With the fast-growing population and the need for simultaneous economic growth under the current situation of our country, the need of massive electrification has emerged to be the most basic need of the hour and we all need to understand it as it is the only best possible way to get ourselves at the height of prosperity and development where ... Read More »

Golden rules of Entrepreneurship you need to know in 2022

The recent IPO listings of unicorns like Zomato, Nykaa and PayTm has once again shifted focus on Entrepreneurship as a viable professional choice for graduating students.Covid-induced recession has shaken the notion of job security.Since the current generation puts an emphasis on risk-taking, skill development, meaningful employment and work-life balance, starting one’s own company gives them an opportunity to experience just ... Read More »

A Comprehensive Guide for Buying a Health Insurance Policy in India

Healthcare can be financially draining, be it for oneself or family that is dependent on them. With the additional margins of inflation that persist in medicine and hospitalization costs alongside the rise in various lifestyle-oriented diseases; one has to find the best health insurance policy and their ideal version of a health insurance coverage plan that can mitigate the possibilities ... Read More »

6 Tips For Transitioning Into A Management Role

Transitioning into a management role is an exciting new venture that many people work hard for the opportunity to advance and grow in their careers. It can seem overwhelming once you have the chance as there are many moving parts to manage and personalities to maneuver around. Well, management is not as easy as it might seem. Even with the ... Read More »

9 ways you can live rent-free

Who does not like the idea of living rent-free anyway? Giving hundreds and thousands of your hard-earned dollars to someone isn’t easy, yet you have to live by their rules. It’s not worth the money! Aside from living with your parents, the only way to live rent-free is to buy a property for which most people aren’t ready. Thankfully, there ... Read More »

How to Select Health Insurance for Your Parents in India

Aging is an inevitable process. It is not something that you can stop. Although even if you can’t stop it, you can provide your parents with all the possible best healthcare you can. You can ensure the security of their future by availing your parents of the best health insurance for parents. However, not knowing how to choose health insurance ... Read More »

Questions to Ask Before Buying Algorand From an Exchange

ALGO is a cryptocurrency and decentralised platform founded by Silvio Micali. The project’s goal is to create a more secure and efficient global economy. The platform is based on blockchain technology. It uses a novel consensus mechanism called “proof of stake velocity” to achieve consensus. Algorand is a trustless, permissionless, and secure platform that promises high-speed transactions without mining. It ... Read More »

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Leasing An Office Space

Most entrepreneurs dream of owning a business that, in time, attains success and grows substantially. However, this might not be possible without a proper workspace. It becomes essential to rent or buy an official space. In most cases, an entrepreneur might not be able to shell out the exact amount required to purchase office space. But, leasing an office becomes ... Read More »

Why should you bet with Bitcoin?

It is as clear as possible that any new coin is of interest to the bettor. Especially if this gives it a number of advantages compared to fiat currencies. Non-stop trading, without limits and without the presence of banking entities – control over the mode of payment is total, can be exercised at any time, without limits on food. The ... Read More »