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The ultimate checklist for choosing a Forex broker in India

Choosing a reliable broker to invest with isn’t always easy. Here are eight expert tips on how to find a trustworthy broker to start trading Forex. Forex trading is getting bigger every day. With so many brokers offering their services, finding the right one can be difficult. What should one look for in a broker to get the best out ... Read More »

Transformation of Infrastructure Management can be fuelled in these 5 ways using AI

The global economy is currently in a state of change and growth. It is the right time for organizations to focus on digital transformation to stay ahead of their competitors. Many businesses have already started investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to help them with this transition. An artificial intelligence (AI) system that can learn by itself, recognize data patterns and ... Read More »

How Brands are leveraging Influencers this festive season to grow their consumer base

The festive season is almost here and the excitement is just getting started! Just like you, major brands are gearing up to kickstart their festive campaigns with impressive marketing strategies that lure their customers to indulge in all festive shopping activities. Popular couple influencers Pushppal Singh Bhatia and Ravneet Kaur from That Couple Though share, “A major part of this ... Read More »

5 Ways to Improve Hiring and Training of New Talent

Hiring new resources is a risky task that requires sound judgment calls and excellent interviewing techniques to make the right decision. Apart from reviewing resumes and checking credentials, the interviewer has to assess the candidate’s psychology and motivations for the job. Hiring new employees is also the only way owners can bring innovation to their business model. Before providing an ... Read More »

Five Years of Baking Visuals | Filmbaker

The Beginning. Running a business with your school friends could be a dream for many or a risk of a lifetime for others, but Filmbaker is rewriting this narrative with its dedication to successful storytelling. The company, founded by four friends, has been thriving for 5 years. Filmbaker is a video production company that offers end-to-end video production. The work ... Read More »

SOC-as-a-Service is the Way To Go For Today’s Businesses

Many companies today are already turning to managed security service providers (MSSPs) to carry out specific security efforts or even go as far as outsourcing all of their IT operations. The demand for round-the-clock system monitoring is expanding as a result of the increased dependency of many businesses on technology and sensitive data. This constant monitoring and other continuous cybersecurity ... Read More »

*MetGain will be launching world’s first crypto blockchain with banking solution in the coming years.*

_*MetGain has so far stunned people as the first decentralized marketplace in the world with blockchain infrastructure and now aims to work on many upcoming promising projects.*_ The kind of massive growth and insane levels of development a few industries have gained so far can be attributed to a myriad of factors. Some say it is the visionary ideas of ... Read More »

Unified Management Is Key to Securing Your Data and Building Business Success

Organizations can gain tremendous value from their data. They can glean business insights, make better decisions, foresee trends, recognize opportunities, anticipate customer desires, and stay ahead of competitors. But to do all this, they must do two things. They must keep their data safe with an air-tight approach to backup and recovery to prevent downtime and minimize data loss. And ... Read More »