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Shreya Kulkarni ने अपने नवीनतम ग्लैमरस फोटोशूट में पारा चढ़ा दिया।

अपने डिंपल गाने के लिए मशहूर श्रेया कुलकर्णी को हाल ही में कई डेली सोप्स की शूटिंग करते हुए देखा गया है। श्रेया अपने फोटोशूट के लिए फिर से शूटिंग करती नजर आ रही हैं जिसमें वह अलग-अलग डिजाइनरों द्वारा चार अलग-अलग ग्लैमरस ड्रेस का इस्तेमाल करती हैं। जिसमें से दो ड्रेस पुणे के नामी डिजाइनरों की हैं और बाकी ... Read More »

5 ways to make your marketing game stronger to pull consumers to an Adult Gaming and Entertainment centres 

The thrill and the sheer fun of being in an active entertainment setup in a modern and jazzily designed gaming centre is unmatched. Spending Sunday afternoons with our families or celebrating birthdays in bowling alleys and arcades with yummylicious food and beverages, is something that almost everyone can relate to. The activities ranging from 360-degree cricket, bowling, air hockey, arcade ... Read More »

Exclusive: Miya, Biwi aur Murder lead Manjari Fadnis reacts as Rajeev Khanelwal compares Reality Shows to “Kiraane ki Dukaan” and more

By : Harshita Dagha Manjari Fadnis’ recent project Miya, Biwi aur Murder got her much acclaim as she got to show a different face. While fans witnessed the heat of Rajeev Khanelwal on-screen after sometime now, Manjari has been making headlines for her comeback as a stronger, more grounded actor. Watch Manjari Fadnis get candid on upcoming projects, working with ... Read More »

Who Is The Fastest Superhero?

While superheroes like Ironman have some basic scientific logic powering their flying abilities, most superheroes seem to possess it by default. And no one’s complaining, after all, it’s their superhuman abilities that make them superheroes in the first place. With quite a few superheroes flying around, it makes us wonder who is the fastest of them all. To answer the ... Read More »

World’s Largest Paper Collage Painting by Artist Uma Sharma exhibited at Jehangir Art Gallery

‘Kaagaz Ki Zubaani’ an Intimate conversation with paperfrom 7thJune to 13thJune Do not miss the grand show displaying 80+ works from smallest to world’s largestpaper collage painting!! Mumbai 8thJune 2022: This week all roads are all set to lead to the corridors of Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai to view not just the brilliant collection of paper collage paintings but also ... Read More »