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How To Escape From Prison?

Prisons are to keep the bad guys locked up, so that the society can live in peace. However, there are occasions when prisoners find a way to escape from even the most fortified prison facilities, equipped with advanced surveillance and monitoring technology. While it’s mostly the bad guys that go to prison, it is possible that sometimes innocent souls may ... Read More »

*Shama Sikander Shares Cute Pictures with her Dog Casper*

Bollywood actresses’ love for their pets needs no introduction. From adopting street dogs to having foreign breeds, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking care of their purr and paw friends. With social media accounts and dedicated pages, these pets of actresses are equally or more popular than they are. Bollywood Hottie Shama Sikander’s pet dog Casper ... Read More »

Kavya Keeran dazzles in a glamorous look she shoots for a song named “TU KI KITTA”

Reigning the hearts of the audience with a diverse range of performances across Bollywood film industry in Orissa and Bollywood film industries as well, Kavya Keeran is paving her way into Bollywood with an intriguing streak of web and film projects. Kavya Keeran has now become a prominent name in the entertainment industry. She has become an internet sensation who ... Read More »

The Importance of Tabletop Board Games in 2023 – Shastranga

From increased empathy to improved critical thinking, tabletop board games play a vital role in our neurological and emotional development. Some of my most cherished memories are of playing board games with friends and family. The mere mention of “pass go, collect Rs.200” brings back memories of building hotels and charging my parents rent when they land on my property. ... Read More »

*Actress Tanishaa Mukerji Sets A Fashion Trend with her Amazing Saree looks*

Sarees are just nine yards of pure grace. They take the feminine beauty beyond infinty and add abundance of elegance any look. When it comes to the perfect look, Bollywood actress’s saree is the most stylish and apt choice fashionista to Bollywood diva. One such Diva who completely rocks this Indian Traditional look is Tanishaa Mukerji whole Instagram page is just a ... Read More »

*Pia Bajpiee Rules the Fashion Space with Blazers and Power Suits*

Shirts and blazers have been ruling the glam world for a long time and our favourite Bollywood stunners know how to rock them with panache. Bollywood actress Pia Bajpiee rocks her Blazer look and here’s why she’s a fashionable queen. With her fashion sense always on point, the actress keeps her fans interested in her future plans and projects. She ... Read More »