Who Is Richest Short Seller Of All Time?

Short sellers make news from time to time, with their flair to make millions by shorting stocks. Short selling is essentially taking a negative position of a stock and expecting the price to fall. This is just the opposite of conventional stock trading where investors make money when stock prices rise. Short sellers usually target companies that have fluctuating stock …

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Is it Better to Invest in a Plot or House?

A home is one of the most cherished dreams for most Indians, who invest all their life savings into buying one. Real estate investment is one of the major decisions you will ever make. However, it is a long-term financial investment. Which is the best investment when choosing a plot or flat, are you buying a house for the first …

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Which Are Best Penny Stocks To Buy On Nasdaq / NYSE

Long-term investments are almost always considered better than short-term investments, as they have less risk of being impacted by temporary market volatility. This is especially true if you are investing your hard-earned money and cannot afford to lose it. When thinking long-term investments, you can diversify your portfolio by adding some penny stocks to your investment basket. As penny stocks …

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