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How To Get Divorce Without Paying Alimony In California?

Alimony, also referred to as ‘spousal support’, can be a big burden on your finances. There can be personal reasons as well, where you may be looking to avoid paying alimony to your spouse. While avoiding paying alimony can be tough in the state of California, it is not impossible. If you have the right reasons and a good attorney ... Read More »

What Happens If You Default On Payday Loan?

Payday loans are a great help when it comes to meeting cash crunch situations. However, due to their high rate of interest and short repayment period, many people are unable to repay their payday loan. Depending on the state, the cost of a payday loan can be as high as annual percentage rate (APR) of up to 400 percent. In ... Read More »

6 Ways Personal Injury Lawyers Help Accident Victims

Accidents can occur in a split second, but the effects of the injuries they cause can last a lifetime. Personal injury accident cases are common in the United States. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, in Florida, around 400,000 crashes take place, and around 30,000 happen in the Tampa area. With busy Tampa Bay highways ... Read More »

What To Do If Neighbors Play Loud Music?

Everyone has freedom to live the way they want. However, it should not come at the cost of creating discomfort or nuisance for others. One relevant example is when your neighbor starts to play loud music at odd hours. While the music is surely to the neighbor’s liking, it may not be appreciated by people living nearby. Loud music can ... Read More »

What To Do If Your Friend Does Not Return Your Money?

In our social setup, it is common to see people requesting monetary assistance. Request for money can come from various people such as our friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. We often feel compelled to help such people, as we consider it a moral duty. Also, there’s the thought that we could face a similar situation in the future. While giving ... Read More »

List of Top 10 Law Schools through LSAT India

LSAT India exam is known to be a standardised test to refine the skills of candidates interested in studying Law. The entrance will be dignified with important sections such as critical thinking, reading, reasoning, and informal and deductive skills. The following exam is conducted by the Law of School Admission Council, known as LSAC Global, to get admissions to related ... Read More »

MDPH wins long legal battle against Nagpur based Shriphal Industries and Shriphal Gruh Udyog in Mumbai High Court for trademark violation

Nagpur, 21stJune 2022:Madhya Pradesh based Mysore Deep Perfumery House (MDPH), India’s one of top 3 Incense Stick brand with their household popular brand Zed Black held a press conference in Nagpur today to share details of its long, successful legal battle with Nagpur-based Shriphal Industries and Shriphal Gruh Udyog. Earlier this month, the company won the case in the high ... Read More »

7 Most Bizarre Court Cases Of All Time

While courts play a major role in sustaining society by ensuring justice, sometimes things take an unexpected turn. Courts have to deal with a wide variety of cases, but some of these seem to test the very concept of justice. Some lawsuits are so bizarre that it makes one wonder if courts are really the center of justice or just ... Read More »