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Organic curd boosts heart health among women

A new study has found that organic curd has the potential to boost heart health among women. The results of this study are significant because cardiovascular problems have become one of the leading causes of death globally, for both men and women. One of the key indicators of the possibility of heart disease is high blood pressure (hypertension), which occurs ... Read More »

Evaluating Milk Myths – Uncover the truth

Myths are like weed that grows among a good crop. They do nothing except harm the good crop that is growing in the field. Myths are usually based on personal assumptions, without any proper scientific evidence or proof. A lot of myths are associated with milk as well, which drives away many people from using milk and realizing its immense ... Read More »

From toned milk to full fat milk – A new Journey

Before the advent of modern machines, most of humanity consumed full fat dairy products such as full fat organic milk and fresh tasty dahi. Later, as dairy was industrialized, the medical fraternity started announcing caution in regards to the consumption of full fat dairy products. A case was made in support of low fat dairy products such as toned milk ... Read More »

Cow milk vs. plant based milk – which is best for toddlers

The question, what type of milk to give to toddlers, has become a hot topic for discussion these days. Our parents told us that when we were children, we were mostly given full fat organic milk. However, nowadays, several new options have emerged, especially plant based milk products for toddlers such as almond milk, cashew milk, soy milk, rice milk ... Read More »

Scientists find gold in cow’s urine; highlight its importance

The health benefits of cow milk products including best full cream milk and organic curd are well documented in a wide variety of research studies. Now, a new research study provides solid evidencethathighlights the importance of cows in our society. The research The research involves the famous Gir Cow and it was conducted at Junagadh Agricultural University (JAU). Scientists at ... Read More »

Cow’s milk promotes a healthy gut microbiome in babies

Recent research studies in the United States of America have revealed that cow’s milk can be hugely beneficial in promoting a healthy gut microbiome in babies. Often, we purchase factory produced prebiotics for promoting a healthy gut microbiome in babies, but these may not be safe since somewhere during the production process, chemicals may have been used. In comparison, cow’s ... Read More »

Organic curd can make you feel happier, says new research

Happiness is difficult to find in today’s modern world, where hectic lifestyles and stressful jobs are the order of the day. People spend thousands of Rupees in therapy, medication and other avenues, just to feel happy for some time, before its back to their normal stressful routines. However, if new research studies are to be believed, there’s good news because ... Read More »

Are dairy products safe for consumption during monsoon season?

As drops of rain quench the thirst of parched earth, plants, animals, birds, and other organisms as well as human beings, it appears that nature has finally listened to the woeful calls of agitated souls. With the arrival of monsoon, everyone seems to heave a sigh of relief and for many, it’s time to go out and explore the world ... Read More »

Happy cows means more calcium in their milk

Cow milk products such as best full cream milk and organic curd supply a wide variety of nutrients such as calcium to our body. As per medical science, calcium maintains strong bones and teeth and performs several other critical functions in our body. However, due to increased demand for cow’s milk, cows have been milked to their limits, resulting in ... Read More »

How Stroke Occurs in Brain?

Modern lifestyles have given us great ways to live, travel, and entertain ourselves, and yet they have also been linked to a wide variety of health issues such as brain stroke. In simple terms, a brain stroke is a condition when the supply of oxygen and glucose is obstructed, which can cause brain damage and even prove fatal if left ... Read More »