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What kind of Dairy has Max Health Benefits?

The answer to that question may be a bit complicated, as the overall quantum of health benefits derived from dairy products will depend on various factors such as your age, health profile, lifestyle, etc. Here are some insights that will help you choose the right dairy products for maximum health benefits. Sedentary lifestyle – For officegoers and homemakers with sedentary ... Read More »

Things you need to know about full cream milk for babies

Babies grow quite rapidly, and in doing so, they require significant amounts of essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Once the baby reaches one year of age, it becomes essential to supplement their diet with external food sources. A good source that is often recommended by pediatricians is cow’s milk, which offers innumerable health benefits. A ... Read More »

Benefits of full fat organic curd

As more and more research studies substantiate the benefits of healthy fats, it seems like a better decision to include full fat milk and milk products in your diet. One of the safest and healthiest choices would be to go for full fat organic curd, which is loaded with a wide variety of nutrients such as proteins, healthy fats, vitamins ... Read More »

Full fat organic milk can fight obesity, says new research

Most dieticians would recommend you to go for healthy toned milk, especially if you are obese or on a weight loss mission. While they may be right, since healthy toned milk contains fewer calories than full fat organic milk, new research studies indicate that full fat organic milk may actually be better at reducing the risk of obesity. The new ... Read More »

The best full cream milk and related myths

Since ancient times, India has been a heavy consumer of milk and milk products. We are currently the largest producer of dairy in the world. We have been consuming fresh milk for many generations and even today, we continue to do so and derive the associated health benefits. However, since the later part of the twentieth century, scientists in the ... Read More »

Tasty dahi for flat abs

We know tasty dahi is super yummy and offers numerous health benefits. But, did you know that tasty dahi can also help you lose weight and have that extremely desirable flat abs? Well, this is exactly what researchers have discovered at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The findings of the research In the research, a select group was put on ... Read More »

Milk – A complete food

For ages, milk has served the nutritional needs of humankind. With scientific evidence, it’s now even clearer that milk is,in fact, a complete food. Loaded with proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, milk is vital for maintaining good health and sustaining life. Another good thing is that milk tastes awesome and it can be used to prepare a variety of lip-smacking ... Read More »

Milk can be used as an aphrodisiac: Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda, there are various ways milk can be used to benefit the human body. The knowledge about the benefits of milk, especially cow’s milk, has been described in detail in the AstangaSangraha, an ancient Ayurveda text that has contributed significantly to the available Ayurveda knowledgebase. This collection of ancient Ayurveda documents has a separate section, called KsheerVarga, dedicated ... Read More »

Can physical therapy / rehab be conducted at home after hip replacement?

An increasing number of people are undergoing hip replacement surgery these days, primarily due to increased awareness about advancements made in medical science and the will to live life independently. At some point of time, it is highly probable that either you or someone you know may choose to undergo hip replacement surgery. The one reason that most commonly leads ... Read More »