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How Many Megapixels Are Your Eyes?

Ever since digital cameras and smartphones gained prominence, there appears to be a mad rush for megapixels. Every year, new products are launched that claim to offer higher megapixel cameras. It makes us wonder if our eyes can really differentiate between the different resolutions captured by these digital devices. The next question that pops up is how many megapixels is ... Read More »

Can You Drink Heavy Water?

Commonly used in some types of nuclear reactors, heavy water is considered unsafe by most people. While these concerns may be genuine to some extent, not everything talked about heavy water is true. To better understand if you can drink heavy water, here are some important things to keep in mind. What is heavy water? While standard water that we ... Read More »

Which Is Brightest City From Space?

Anyone looking at earth from space can see various details of human existence. For example, they can witness the irrigated crop fields, reservoirs, roads, railways, ports, coastline seawalls, etc. Another thing that can be easily spotted is the large cities on the planet. These may not be that conspicuous during the day. But at night, these cities provide for a ... Read More »

10 Amazing Facts About Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle has remained a hotly debated topic since several decades. Although scientists don’t believe there is anything supernatural, it is also true that several ships and planes have disappeared in the region. Irrespective of whether Bermuda Triangle holds some great secrets or not, one thing is certain that it always intrigues us. Here are some interesting facts about ... Read More »

Do Animals Get Periods?

Human body is quite complex and has its own unique characteristics. One of the most complex processes is menstruation, which is part of the reproductive cycle. The process begins prior to an egg being released from the ovaries. Due to hormones such as progesterone, the endometrium (lining of the uterus) thickens and fills up with blood vessels. This happens in ... Read More »

How Far A Sperm Travels?

Nature is truly fascinating and even in 21st century, we only know a fraction of its many wonders. It continues to amaze us as we take a closer look with the help of advanced scientific equipment. Among the most complex things in nature is the human reproductive process. At the center of it all are the sperms that are created ... Read More »

What Happens If You Fall From Space?

Skydiving is quite common where people jump off a plane with a parachute to land at a predetermined spot. But what happens if you were supposed to do the same from space? For example, what if you accidentally fell from the International Space Station (ISS)? Is there even a remote chance of you surviving such a fall? Here are some ... Read More »

Why Mars Is Called Red Planet?

Mars is a planet of great importance to us, as it could possibly be our next home. It’s the only planet that can be considered for building human settlements. It may not happen anytime soon, but it’s possible theoretically. It explains why there’s currently a race among nations to explore the Martian surface and its atmosphere. If humans are ever ... Read More »

What’s Harder Than Diamond?

From what we have read in our school textbooks, diamond is the hardest material known to humankind. So, is that true? Well, diamond is pretty hard no doubt and you can easily get one if you can afford it. However, based on the ever expanding knowledge and new scientific breakthroughs, researchers have found several new materials that are harder than ... Read More »

Most Puzzling Questions Science Can’t Answer Yet

It’s true that science has made significant progress over the years and expanded the collective knowledge of humankind manifold. It is science that has helped us build complex machines and supercomputers, unlock the digital space, discover new medicines and vaccines, and explore the vast universe. However, it’s surprising that even with so much progress, there are questions that still puzzle ... Read More »