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How Many Gigabytes Is The Human Brain?

The human brain is one of the wonders of nature, a single asset that has made humanity the most dominant species on the planet. If it was not for our brain, it would have been virtually impossible to survive on the planet. Our brain manages a wide variety of things such as memory, thoughts, analysis, motor skills, breathing, vision, touch, ... Read More »

How To Switch OFF The Sun?

A massive ball of fire consisting largely of hydrogen and helium, the sun powers all life forms on earth. The sun is around 109 times wider than earth and weighs 333,000 times more. It is estimated that the sun is currently in its middle age and will last for another 5 billion years. With such massive numbers in relation to ... Read More »

Will Humans Become Dumber In 100 Years?

It is true that humanity has made great progress in science, space exploration, medicine, quantum physics, etc. With technology at our fingertips, life has become a lot easier. However, if we look around us, we notice that we have created a lot more problems than we have solved. Things like global warming, climate change, food and water shortages, air pollution, ... Read More »

Moon Or Mars – Which Is Easier To Colonize?

Planet earth is facing significant challenges, most of which can be linked to human activity. It is possible that earth may face a major catastrophe in the future, which will make it impossible for humans to live here. Some examples include large scale nuclear war, biological warfare, extreme climate change, ecological collapse, pandemic, super volcanic eruption, etc. In such situations, ... Read More »

How To Cheat A Drug Test?

A drug test is usually carried out to assess the mental and physical competencies of any individual. Addiction to drugs is usually a sign of emotional weakness and prolonged use can impact physical aspects as well. At the organizational level, a drug test ensures that people with history of substance abuse are not made part of the workforce. People on ... Read More »

Who Is World’s Richest Scientist?

Scientists are known for their discoveries, research, inventions and innovations, all of which have played a key role in progress of humanity. Their contributions and essentially selfless service and invaluable. While scientists are not necessarily associated with things like wealth and bank balance, there are quite a few scientists who happen to be rich. While many scientists have chosen to ... Read More »

Why Wood Does Not Melt?

It is taught in schools that application of heat turns solid into liquid and then to gas. While this works out in most parts, there are some exceptions that do not seem to follow the rule. For example, wood simply burns instead of melting. While it may seem obvious, there is quite a bit of science involved that not many ... Read More »

Why Men Are Better Drivers Than Women?

Among the many differences between men and women is the notion of their respective driving ability. Quite a few videos have gone viral, showing limitations of women’s driving abilities. Things like reversing, parallel parking, pressing accelerator instead of break, negotiating tight spaces, etc. is where most of these videos are focused on. Many people may have also experienced these scenarios ... Read More »

What Will Happen If The Sun Disappears?

It is common knowledge that sun is the provider of most life forms and flora on planet earth. While sun isn’t going anywhere for around 10-11 billion years, sometimes it makes us wonder what happens if the sun disappeared. To fix your curiosity, here are some things that will happen if sun disappears. 8 minutes to realize what actually happened ... Read More »