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Why Wood Does Not Melt?

It is taught in schools that application of heat turns solid into liquid and then to gas. While this works out in most parts, there are some exceptions that do not seem to follow the rule. For example, wood simply burns instead of melting. While it may seem obvious, there is quite a bit of science involved that not many ... Read More »

Why Men Are Better Drivers Than Women?

Among the many differences between men and women is the notion of their respective driving ability. Quite a few videos have gone viral, showing limitations of women’s driving abilities. Things like reversing, parallel parking, pressing accelerator instead of break, negotiating tight spaces, etc. is where most of these videos are focused on. Many people may have also experienced these scenarios ... Read More »

What Will Happen If The Sun Disappears?

It is common knowledge that sun is the provider of most life forms and flora on planet earth. While sun isn’t going anywhere for around 10-11 billion years, sometimes it makes us wonder what happens if the sun disappeared. To fix your curiosity, here are some things that will happen if sun disappears. 8 minutes to realize what actually happened ... Read More »

Do Astronauts Have Sex In Space?

Among the many unknown aspects about space and astronauts, the one question that often pops up in mind is whether astronauts have sex in space. To put it in a better perspective, is sex even possible in space? And can men get an erection in space and woman be aroused in space? To answer such questions, here are some important ... Read More »

Why Maps Show North On Top?

Most objects in this world have their top and bottom properly defined. Just look at your refrigerator, television, car, or even the human body – there’s a clear definition of what’s top and bottom. However, in case of spherical objects such as a tennis ball, how will you define the top and bottom. Clearly, a tennis ball does not have ... Read More »

Which Are Earth-like Planets Humans Can Colonize?

As of now, earth is the only planet we know sustains life. And things are getting a bit worrying, as climate change is threating to destroy our homes and food sources. There’s also the risk of nuclear war, which can lead to millions of deaths. It makes us wonder if there are other earth-like planets that can sustain life. Scientists ... Read More »

Why Middle East Has So Much Oil?

With petroleum prices at an all-time high, it makes us wonder why only a handful of countries have most of the world’s oil deposits. Taken together, it’s the Middle East countries that have the highest proven reserves of oil. It includes countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen These countries have around ... Read More »

Is Earth A Prison For Humans?

While earth is a beautiful planet, it appears that the only thing that’s causing it a great harm is humans. While most species on the planet live in harmony with nature, humans are the only species that have capability to destroy the planet. So much destruction has already happened, as evident in global climate change events. Most experts agree that ... Read More »

How Many Megapixels Are Your Eyes?

Ever since digital cameras and smartphones gained prominence, there appears to be a mad rush for megapixels. Every year, new products are launched that claim to offer higher megapixel cameras. It makes us wonder if our eyes can really differentiate between the different resolutions captured by these digital devices. The next question that pops up is how many megapixels is ... Read More »

Can You Drink Heavy Water?

Commonly used in some types of nuclear reactors, heavy water is considered unsafe by most people. While these concerns may be genuine to some extent, not everything talked about heavy water is true. To better understand if you can drink heavy water, here are some important things to keep in mind. What is heavy water? While standard water that we ... Read More »