Is It Possible To Hatch Store Bought Eggs?

There are a number of interesting debates related to eggs. The most predominant is probably the deliberations over what came first – the egg or chicken. While that is mighty tough to answer, there are other interesting aspects that can be better explained. One such question that often comes to mind is whether it is possible to hatch store bought eggs.

It is a general belief that store bought eggs cannot be hatched into chicks. But then, a number of users have claimed to hatch store bought eggs or supermarket eggs. To know the authenticity of such claims, here are some important things to understand.

Is it possible to hatch supermarket eggs?

While it may be possible to hatch supermarket eggs, a lot many variables need to work in the desired manner. Most of the eggs purchased from the supermarket are infertile. In large-scale hatcheries, the male and female chickens and hens are separated when they are a day old. They are kept in separate areas, so chances of mating are quite rare. The male chickens are slaughtered for their meat, while the female chickens are used for producing eggs.

However, there can be occasions of accidental fertilization of eggs. It can be due to an error in separating the males from the females. Or, there could be occasions when male and females could get mixed accidently. In small, unorganized farms, there is an even greater probability of producing fertilized eggs. Such farms may not have the resources to properly separate the males from the females.

Fertilized eggs cannot hatch without incubation

Even when a store-bought egg is fertilized, it cannot hatch on its own. Fertilized eggs need to go through the process of incubation for the chicks to hatch. It involves various variables such as temperature, humidity and movement of eggs. While the mother knows best, you will need an artificial incubator to try to hatch supermarket eggs. Make sure the incubator has an automatic turning mechanism. Eggs need to be turned periodically to prevent the possibility of the embryo getting stuck to the inside of the eggshell.

Is it safe to eat fertilized eggs?

This is another possibility that makes many people anxious. A fertilized egg may be repulsive to some people. However, this is usually nothing but a perceptual barrier. The fact is that it is difficult to differentiate between a fertilized and unfertilized egg with naked eyes. Non-fertile eggs have the germinal spot, which appears to be a solid white spot. Fertilized eggs have the germinal spot in a larger, circular formation. Fertilized eggs are perfectly safe to consume.

Does the red spot in eggs indicate an embryo?

Eggs with red spots on the inside are usually linked to embryonic development. However, this is another myth related to eggs. The red spots are a result of ruptured blood vessels in the chicken’s ovaries or oviduct. This can happen during the egg-laying process. While eggs with red spots are safe to eat, you can scrape off the red portion if you want.

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