7 Most Bizarre Funeral Practices

For most of us, the most common funeral practices involve burial or cremation. However, the world is quite diverse and so are its methods of treating the departed. It’s just that these customs and rituals are followed by a limited number of people. As such, we are not aware of it. Here’s a quick look at some of the weirdest …

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Which Is World’s Oldest Religion?

Humans can be differentiated based on various aspects such as their nationality, physical features, and socio-economic background. Globally, people can also be identified based on their religious beliefs. The debate whether or not religion is needed in a modern world can go forever. But the truth is that religion continues to play an important role in providing people a proper …

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Was Jesus Real?

When it comes to faith, it’s usually our core beliefs that matter and not necessary any evidence to support it. This is especially true in case of religious beliefs. In most religions, the respective leaders are said to have existed hundreds of years ago. This leads many of us to question if these religious leaders really existed or if they …

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