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10 Interesting Facts about Hockey

Field hockey is popular across the globe, with more than 30 countries participating in the recent Olympic Games. It is a fast-paced game and full of quick twists and turns, things that have made it popular among the masses. The modern version of field hockey started in the early nineteenth century in England and since then, it has spread to ... Read More »

PokerStars Coming Soon to Delight Poker Fans in India

For some of us, life is all about placing our bets and challenging destiny at every hand. We are the eternal optimists and know that we shall eventually win, even though we may lose a few hands. We apply our mind, strategize and combine it with our luck to create the best possible outcomes. If you love playing cards, especially ... Read More »

Top 10 Hockey Legends of All Times

Field hockey has a long history, with records indicating that the game was played since the Middle Ages in countries like England, Scotland, France and the Netherlands. As of now, field hockey is a popular sport among various Western Europe countries, the Indian subcontinent, Asian countries, parts of United States, Southern African countries, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Over the ... Read More »

Top 5 Supercomputers inthe World

As compared to the PC that you may be using, supercomputers are thousands of times more powerful, in terms of processing power and processing speed. This is why most humans have displayed immense interest in supercomputers. The first supercomputer was created in the 1960s and these advanced machines have come a long way since then. To give you a better ... Read More »

10 Fascinating Things Every Kabaddi Fan Should Know

Most of us have played Kabaddi in our school/college and yet we know so little about it. Kabaddi is one sport that failed to get the limelight it deserves for a long time. However, things are changingdramatically for this game now, as it is being extensively promoted on the lines of the Indian Premier League. If you like Kabaddi, here ... Read More »

Cricket betting without the hassles! Wanna bet?

Some of us have it in our blood. The love for the sport, the excitement, the adrenalin rush, the extreme pain of losing and the unparalleled joy of winning. Not everyone bets because the majority is afraid to lose. You can’t win until you play, and if you play, you are sure going to lose sometimes. We aren’t afraid to ... Read More »

Indians at the Olympics

India has a long history at the Olympic Games, extending to more than a hundred years. The first time India participated in the Olympic Games was in the year 1900. In its first year at the Olympics, India had sent only one athlete, Norman Pritchard, who won two Olympic Silver Medals in Men’s 200 meters and Men’s 200 meter hurdles ... Read More »

Amazing Cricket Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

You may believe that you know everything about cricket. Well, you are not the only one with such a frame of mind since this type of thinking is quite common in a cricket-crazy country like India. Most people who like cricket have their own viewpoint about the game and they often seem to know better that even the top players ... Read More »

History of Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular sports among the Commonwealth of Nations, which essentially comprises the countries that were earlier under the British rule. The popularity of cricket is even more in India, where it is often referred to as a religion. Cricket is popular among the kids, the youth and the old. Most of us have played cricket ... Read More »