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Which Is Most Accurate Watch In The World?

When it comes to watches, there are innumerable options to choose from. Prices also vary based on the inbuilt technology such as mechanical movement, quartz movement and automatic movement. While most of these will do their job in everyday life, people looking for perfection may need a watch that has the best accuracy. If you are searching for something similar, ... Read More »

Can Regulations and Compliance be the Answer to Global Cybersecurity Risks?

With cyberattacks becoming a commonplace within the digital world and with business models and technologies changing, the need of the hour is to have a compliance and a regulatory framework for every organization across industries For a CIO in 2022, there remains several challenges that need to be tackled but the major concern will always be security. Though businesses started ... Read More »

Are Electric Cars Really Better For The Environment?

While electric vehicles (EVs) are being positioned as a savior of the planet, some people are raising questions about its highlighted benefits. Criticism may be okay, but it would be a healthy debate only if it is based on facts and not assumptions. Here’s a quick look at some common complaints about electric cars and the facts behind them to ... Read More »

How efficient is an IMS for the Transformation of Your Business

An IMS can go a long way in aiding the transformation of your enterprise. In today’s connected era, businesses that make the digital transformation are the ones that stand a chance of retaining their market position, if not rising higher. Infrastructure management services are one such solution to make the journey into a wholly digitized enterprise hassle-free. Here are a ... Read More »

7 Ways How Graphene Can Transform The World

While the world is currently powered by silicon, the next revolution could be based on Graphene. First produced in 2004, Graphene is several times lighter and stronger than steel. It is only one carbon atom thick, which makes it suitable for a wide variety on nano applications. As a super material, Graphene has potential to change our world. It could ... Read More »

7 Best Practices to Make Cloud Login More Secure

Understanding cloud security tools and their built-in protections can help ensure the cloud journey is secure and effective. To successfully protect an organization’s data in the cloud, it’s important to first secure users’ identities. Cloud must help block brute force attacks by employing sophisticated risk models built-in the products to assess whether a login event is legitimate or not. If ... Read More »

When Will Windows 12 Be Launched?

Is Microsoft planning to launch Windows 12? Well, the company has neither denied nor accepted the possibility of Windows 12. Going by how things have turned out at Microsoft over the decades, it is quite possible that Windows 12 can be launched. Here are some important things you need to know to understand when will Windows 12 be released. Windows ... Read More »