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What Happens If Google Shuts Down For A Day?

Google is quite like the sun that a vast majority of people use and depend upon every day for various official and personal work. Google too has experienced outages in the past, but these were limited to specific geographies and resolved quite quickly. Sometimes it makes us wonder what would happen if Google shuts down for a day. Well, the ... Read More »

Brave vs. Chrome: Which Browser is better?

Many viewers saw the introduction of Brave browser as a significant threat to Google Chrome. Developers say that Brave is trying to fix the Internet. It has created a buzz in the market by introducing a system that has ad trackers by default. This browser is fast, safe, secure and crypto-friendly. And Chrome has features packed with fun extensions. This ... Read More »


Easter came earlier this year for UK kids. Around 1 million UK school kids were provided with free BBC MICRO: BIT  as easter gift. Technology has become a part of almost everything in the world and mastering technical skills has become necessary for everyone especially children. Advancement in technology is at its amplifying and will keep on increasing every day. ... Read More »

Why Twitter Has Character Limit?

One of the unique things about Twitter is that it has a character limit for tweets. This is not something that is there on other social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It makes us wonder why Twitter imposes a specific character limit for tweets. To answer such questions, here are some important things to know about Twitter. SMS-based origins ... Read More »

Stay vigilant against these 5 Data security risks

Data security is gaining utmost priority as CISOs gear up to disperse effective security measures across organizations and transform IT infrastructure in the age of rapid digital transformation. Furthermore, the shift to a remote workforce has been found to increase the risk of potential data breaches. No company would want to suffer a data breach given the costs attached with ... Read More »

Top Personal Security Tricks That You Should Know

Cyber-attacks are at an all-time high right now. Of course, most of them focus on giant companies and attempt to steal either resources or data. However, it is also possible for smaller businesses to suffer similar hurdles. Additionally, individual users are not immune: their data might be stolen or devices infected. As per Accenture’s Cost of Cybercrime Study, 43% of ... Read More »

What’s Harder Than Diamond?

From what we have read in our school textbooks, diamond is the hardest material known to humankind. So, is that true? Well, diamond is pretty hard no doubt and you can easily get one if you can afford it. However, based on the ever expanding knowledge and new scientific breakthroughs, researchers have found several new materials that are harder than ... Read More »

Most Puzzling Questions Science Can’t Answer Yet

It’s true that science has made significant progress over the years and expanded the collective knowledge of humankind manifold. It is science that has helped us build complex machines and supercomputers, unlock the digital space, discover new medicines and vaccines, and explore the vast universe. However, it’s surprising that even with so much progress, there are questions that still puzzle ... Read More »

What Is Hydrogen Economy?

Hydrogen economy relates to the future, where most of humanity’s energy needs will be met via hydrogen. As is common knowledge, hydrogen is a flammable gas and it can be used to power vehicles, in industries for heat, and for electricity generation. There’s growing interest in hydrogen economy, as hydrogen is one of the cleanest fuels known to mankind. Upon ... Read More »

How Speed Of Light Is Measured?

Speed of light is constant, travelling at 299,792.458 km per second to be exact. While this is common knowledge, have you ever wondered how scientists actually measure speed of light? Well, you will be surprised to know that it took humanity several centuries before it was able to accurately measure speed of light. In earlier times, even prominent thinkers like ... Read More »