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How To Hide Gold From Airport Scanners?

Gold smuggling continues to be rampant, even when advanced security systems have been deployed at airports. Gold smugglers know that their luggage will be scanned by x-ray machines. This is why they come up with ingenious techniques to beat the system. Here’s a look at some of the past cases of gold smuggling that reveal how to hide gold from ... Read More »

Which Is Most Stolen Car In The World?

Cars have come a long way in their evolution and are part of all the good things in life. However, cars can also have negative aspects such as accidents or the financial burden associated with their acquisition. Another reason for anxiety associated with cars is the risk of the vehicle being stolen. Car thefts are a major problem in the ... Read More »

Who Is Best Hacker In The World?

Computer hacking can be done with good intent such as identifying vulnerabilities present in a system. This helps in developing stronger systems that are harder to penetrate. On the other side, hacking can also be done in an illegal manner for various types of online crimes. In both cases, a hacker needs in-depth knowledge and tons of experience to be ... Read More »

Ashish Singhal’s CoinSwitch Kuber Premises Raided By Enforcement Directorate (ED); Investigations Underway

In a series of raids targeting cryptocurrency platforms, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) raided at least 5 locations associated with CoinSwitch Kuber on August 26, 2022. The company, along with CoinSwitch Kuber CEO Ashish Singhal have stated that they are cooperating with the ongoing investigations. However, as the matter is sub-judice, more details could not be ascertained. Why ED raided CoinSwitch ... Read More »

Worst serial killers in the history: What pushed them?

Forensic drama and cop shows had taught us that serial killers are not a part of the race of human being. They are monsters! These cunning, diabolical, predators hide in shadows. So what does it take to become a monster? What is the driving force behind committing such heinous crimes? Read on to know about worst serial killers in history ... Read More »

Top 5 Largest Cash Seizures Of All Time

While the world is shifting towards digital ecosystem, cash transactions remain to be dominant across most parts of the world. Cash is especially preferred by criminals and other lawbreakers, as it helps evade tax and keep their illegal activities under wraps. Such unaccounted cash can be linked to various illegal activities such as drug operations, illegal gambling, sale of pirated ... Read More »

Scam Alert: Sextortion & Extortion – Don’t Get Scammed By WhatsApp Video Calls

While social media has several benefits, such online platforms have also become a hub for hackers, criminals, fraudsters and scamsters. There are multiple cases everyday where people have been duped of their hard-earned money. Moreover, the mental agony suffered in the process is far more hurting for the victims. Here we will analyze in detail how these sextortion and extortions ... Read More »

Which Was Deadliest Mass Shooting Incident?

Easy access to guns, coupled with various other factors such a hatred, upbringing, mental health issues and general insensitivity, has resulted in numerous mass shooting incidents in United States. Hundreds of people have lost their lives and such incidents create a significant challenge for the society. It is important that strong steps be taken to curb such incidents in the ... Read More »

Story of rape victim, in Bihar, the police officer started asking for chastity from the victim, Ravi-Ranjana, a sharp officer of the women’s police station, arrested on the orders of SSPGaya

Patna,By_ Shubham @ Nirala Order to get justice for the rape victim, a police officer of Bihar demanded sex with the victim. In fact, the victim of rape had applied in the police station demanding punishment for the rapist, but what did the victim of rape know that in order to get justice, the inspector ji will also have to ... Read More »

Once again a businessman has been shot by criminals in Patna City

Patna,Shubham@Nirala Since then panic has spread in Mandi of Patna City. Matter is near Bandaria street of Khajekalan police station area. Where a young man doing business of color has been targeted by criminals this time. The criminals shot him profusely and killed him. Since then, panic has spread in the entire Mandi market. However, as soon as the information ... Read More »