*Chahatt Khanna Promotes Nature Loving In her Video of Herself Watering Her Plants*

Nature serves us endlessly and unconditionally. While all of us appreciate nature, it’s important to make the time to serve nature, too. Like any other relationship, it must be nurtured with love. Actress Chahatt Khanna recently posted a video of herself watering and spending time with her plants,nurturing them and keeping the plants healthy and green,proving that she is a green warrior who actively promotes the environment. We can also see her house lit with lush greenery. She also encouraged everyone to plant more saplings. She also showed that it is a cause that is close to her heart.

She says,” I love keeping plants in my house and find great relief in watering them by myself. The plants not only beautify the area but also give positive energy. It is a good way to keep myself happy and it de-stresses me a great deal. Also we have always only taken from nature so I feel this is a nice way to give back and serve. I say let us take a pledge to plant more trees, adapt to eco-friendly habits, appreciate what nature does for us, and make our planet a greener place for the next generation. I now ask everyone to take the initiative ahead.”

Chahatt is a vocal environmentalist who often advocates for climate change and better living, infact she has also made her brand Ammarzo a complete sustainable brand,talking about conscious fashion too with conscious living . She also looked adorable in her comfort clothes spraying water on her plants.

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