CIMCON Digital Releases Favorable End-of-Year Results

CIMCON Digital, an AI-led technology company focused on reducing energy and O&M costs and driving sustainability goals for energy-intensive industrial businesses, has released its end-of-year results, demonstrating significant growth and expansion in key areas of its business. CIMCON’s VIBit, an AI-driven, vibration-based predictive and prescriptive solution, has helped various companies across industries like pharmaceuticals, cement, tire, automotive, FMCG, and steel move closer to their ambitious net-zero goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To accelerate adoption and enable cost-sensitive use cases, CIMCON launched MachineAstro, an IOT-in-a-box solution, that includes multiple vibration sensors and temperature, pressure, flow, and energy meters wired to an edge device running AI-based diagnostic software. This solution has received an overwhelming response from machine manufacturers and industrial automation system integrators.

This year, CIMCON saw several of its existing VIBit customers take the next step in their digital transformation journey by implementing its state-of-the-art edge IIoT platform, CIM, which delivers several unique use cases, including some that involve video analytics.

Continuing with its theme of making digital products affordable, CIMCON also introduced CIM10, a product that allows users to easily connect their entire factory or plant. This helps plant owners identify opportunities for energy efficiency and waste reduction at an enterprise level, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future and progress towards achieving net-zero goals.

“We are proud that our technologies are helping address approximately one-third of global GHG emissions contributed by energy-intensive industries each year,” said Anil Agrawal, CEO of CIMCON Digital. “We are also delighted to see some of our customers making rapid progress towards their sustainability and industry 4.0 goals through our CIM IIoT platform.”

The company remains committed to leveraging AI to create a more sustainable industrial world and building on its current momentum going forward.

About CIMCON Digital: CIMCON Digital leverages 35 years of deep domain industrial experience of its parent company, CIMCON Software (I) Pvt. Ltd., to deliver cutting-edge Industry 4.0 solutions that incorporate IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies. CIMCON Digital products and solutions help a diverse range of customers across manufacturing, water, oil & gas, among others, meet their net-zero and sustainability goals. The company has a global presence, with offices in the United States and India, and its mission is to create “One Connected Industrial World,” making it a leading player in the IoT industry.

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