CIO Association Bangalore Chapter hosted HABBA 2024, uniting country’s top IT experts on 14th anniversary celebration

Bangalore, July 01, 2024: The CIO Association, a non-profit group of digital leaders dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration in the IT industry, enthusiastically celebrated the 14th Anniversary of its Bangalore Chapter recently. Over 200 top IT leaders from various chapters gathered at the Taj Airport Bangalore for HABBA 2024, an annual summit that has become a cornerstone event for the Bangalore Chapter.

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The distinguished hosts of the HABBA 2024 Summit included the leadership team of the Bangalore Chapter, led by Mr. Subrahmanya Gupta Boda (President), Mr. Venkatesh Babu (Vice President), Mr. Mayank Bedi (Secretary), Mr. Madhu Kumar C.M (Joint Secretary), Mr. Manish Shah (Treasurer), Mr. Vijaya Krishna KS (Joint Treasurer), and Mr. Deena Dayalan K (Executive Committee Member).

The event aimed to celebrate the rich culture of Karnataka while showcasing various IT solutions to strengthen organizations and reduce India’s reliance on imported technology. Digital Transformation, Automation & Cloud were the hot topics discussed across all fields of IT, including infrastructure, networking, applications, security, and the impact of AI on these.

Twenty-five top international and national solution providers actively participated in HABBA 2024. The summit featured a series of discussions and interactive sessions where CIO Association partners showcased their technical solutions for various contemporary issues in India’s IT and business landscape.

The summit covered a broad spectrum of topics, addressing the needs of both corporations and startups. The exchange of thoughts and ideas among the attendees highlighted the collaborative spirit and forward-thinking mindset that the CIO Association fosters.

The event was graced by the distinguished Mr. Amulek Singh, CEO of Chai Point, who inspired the gathering of technocrats with his journey from employee to entrepreneur, discussing the challenges faced and how Chai Point has innovatively used digital and cloud technology for expansion. Mr. Suresh Narasimha, a Venture Capitalist, shared insights on the role of CIOs in accelerating the success of student entrepreneurs.

Mr. Boda, President of the CIO Association Bangalore Chapter, shared his thoughts, remarking, “As the CIO Association Bangalore Chapter completes its 14-year journey dedicated to technological advancements, I congratulate every technocrat associated with the CIO Association as torchbearers of the Indian tech revolution. The technological development in Bangalore has been phenomenal, making it a hub for innovation and growth. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all technocrats and guests for making HABBA 2024 a resounding success.”

Aligning with the country’s vision of contributing to Net Zero Carbon emissions, the Bangalore Chapter made efforts to plant 100 trees and was awarded for making the event a Net Zero Carbon emission. A certificate of this achievement was handed over to Mr. Boda.

The event also paid homage to Karnataka’s cultural heritage, highlighting the synergy between technology and culture. The success of HABBA 2024 reflects the dedication and vision of the CIO Association members, who continue to drive the Indian IT industry toward new heights.

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