Cloud Migration is a Reality Supported by SDDP for Easy Data Discovery & Protection

A report by McKinsey states that by 2024, companies choose 80% of their total IT-hosting budget dedicated to cloud spending. As enterprise applications and data are migrating to the cloud, companies are facing a challenge in operations and hence are trying their best to improve scalability for their workforce. Organizations have no idea where all of their sensitive data is stored due to a lack of visibility and operational complexity. This lack is creating inefficiencies, which in turn is costing 14% on average more each year in migration costs than budgeted. It also needs to be understood that almost 38% of companies have seen their migrations being delayed by more than one quarter.

Gaurav Ranade
CTO, RAH Infotech
The organizations must select solutions that address several important issues as personal data protection is mandated by the Government of India through its The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019. So, the first step in protecting sensitive data in the cloud is data discovery as cloud migration brings on challenges such as:
The complexity of data security brought on by cloud migration
The evolution of regional and global privacy laws
The danger of data breaches due to both internal and external threats.

The right SDDP is needed to address the issues stated above. Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection (SDDP) solution like Cipher Trust Data Discovery and Classification Solution has strong capabilities for securing and restricting access to sensitive data in databases, files, and containers. Hence, by offering comprehensive data-centric protection, SDDP assures the security of the data stored in the cloud. Sensitive data is precisely detected, automatically classified, graded, and aggregated using the data assets by SDDP as it provides a variety of de-identification algorithms.

“The complexities of using cloud are the storage of data which is outside the premises of the organization limiting physical access. Security is another factor that creates doubt, especially since threat actors are increasingly targeting cloud platforms. Sensitive data that needs the right protection and access becomes the priority. Thales provides a niche and targeted solution for this problem with its Cipher Trust Data Discovery and Classification Solution. This helps in data discovery and protection when the question is about sensitive data or data in general,” said Gaurav Ranade, CTO at RAH Infotech.

Companies need to focus on how to access the data they have saved over the cloud for the sole purpose of enhancing security and providing easy work access to their employees. This is because the workplace is changing quickly and they are relying more and more on the cloud to store their data, sensitive or otherwise. Data will continue to be moved from traditional systems to the cloud, from one cloud solution to another, or in a multi-cloud environment. However, the activities would be simpler and safer if SDDP, such as CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification, were used.

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