CM reaches out to Gurung community of Sikkim

New Delhi, March 13: Chief Minister, Mr Prem Singh Tamang, graced the inauguration ceremony of Rodhi Ghar in Golitar, Singtam, in Tuesday.

Rodhi Ghar refers to a traditional community house of the ethnic Gurung community.

The ‘Rodhi Ghar’, a symbol of the rich heritage and traditions of the Gurung Community, is located in Gangtok and was constructed at a cost of Rs 5.29 crore. The project, initiated in 2021, came to fruition under the guidance of the Chief Minister, who inaugurated the structure this morning.

In addition to the inauguration of Rodhi Ghar, the Chief Minister virtually inaugurated Sherpa Bhawan in Perbing, South Sikkim, preserving the diverse cultures and tradi0tions of all communities in the state of Sikkim.

During the ceremony, the Chief Minister reiterated the government’s steadfast commitment to supporting and enriching the cultural tapestry of Sikkim, emphasising the importance of preserving and celebrating the unique traditions of all communities across the state.

Moreover, the Chief Minister announced the government’s support for the inclusion of the Gurung language in the CBSE curriculum, a significant step towards preserving and promoting the linguistic diversity of the region.

He emphasised the value of recording and conserving language, oral history, and cultural traditions while also ensuring financial support for businesses, groups, and cultural institutions as part of a commitment to community upliftment.

Highlighting the significant initiatives undertaken by the government, the Chief Minister commended projects such as the beautification of Megi Dara Gumpa in Rinchenpong, West Sikkim, and the construction of the Mahatma Sirijunga Study Centre in Hee Goan, Gyalshing District.

He also mentioned developments such as Yuma Mangkhim and the Cultural Centre in Assam Lingzey, along with the preservation and beautification of the historic Mahatma Sirijunga Cave, showcasing the government’s commitment to heritage conservation and cultural promotion.

He announced plans for the construction of a museum and Buddhist studies and meditation centre, as well as the installation of the Statue of Gurung Padmashamvabha in Mangnu, Dentam, West Sikkim, in order to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Sikkim.

He also outlined various government schemes and initiatives, such as the Vatsalaya Yojana, the Aama Scheme, and scholarship programmes, aimed at providing essential support to uplift and empower communities across Sikkim.

Shri Rohit Raj Maharaj, in his welcome speech, extended his heartfelt appreciation to the chief minister for his exemplary efforts. He added that the Chief Minister’s unwavering dedication and determination to improving the lives of the people are truly worthy of admiration.

The Sadam Gumba Committee, the Parakha Tamu Gurung Gumba Committee, and the Chuba Gumba Committee also presented their felicitations to the Chief Minister.

Likewise, the exemplary work of the contractors of Rodhi Ghar, was also acknowledged and honoured by the Chief Minister.

During the ceremony, the organising committee featured enthralling Gurung dance forms in addition to traditional Ghatu dance.

The ceremony served as a testament to the rich culture and strong community spirit of the Gurung community, showcasing their cherished traditions and values.

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