Consortium for Technical Education (CTE) and Department of Technical Education (DTE), Government of Uttar Pradesh sign MoU

The Consortium for Technical Education (CTE) and the Department of Technical Education (DTE), Government of Uttar Pradesh, have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote awareness, enhance employability skills and stimulate innovation in Information Technology and Cybersecurity.

The MoU outlines the framework for both parties to collaborate in instrumenting the socio-economic development of Uttar Pradesh via IT education and digital skill training programs. CTE will undertake various activities including setting up and operating a “Centre of Excellence” in IT and Cybersecurity, designing courses and curriculum by industry subject experts accompanied with interactive video-based courses, virtual labs and hands-on workshops, deploying industrial experienced instructors at CoE, providing joint certification, arranging optional industry certification, conducting faculty development programs, and offering internship opportunities.

Shri. M. Devaraj, IAS, Principal Secretary, Government of Uttar Pradesh, expressed optimism about the collaboration: “This partnership between DTE and CTE enhances skills in emerging technologies in IT and Cybersecurity. By leveraging the expertise of both parties, we aim to create a dynamic workforce and foster innovation in Uttar Pradesh.”

Shri. K. A. Alagarsamy, Director of CTE, highlighted the organization’s commitment to skill development: “We are delighted to collaborate with DTE to steer the digital awareness strategies and cultivate research and innovations in Information Technology and Cybersecurity arena. Our joint efforts will empower participants with industry-relevant skills and contribute towards the competitiveness and economic growth of the nation.”

Shri Sairaman Srinivasan, Chief Strategy Officer at CTE, emphasized the importance of the collaboration: “This MoU underscores our shared commitment to driving socio-economic development through education and innovation. By working together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and contribute to the growth of the IT and Cybersecurity sectors in our Country.”

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