Countries With Highest Number Of Offline People

It’s true that internet connectivity has spread across the globe and it is transforming our lives like never before. However, if you think that everyone in this world has internet connection, it’s time to change your perspective. Data reveals that there are millions of people on this planet who do not have internet connection. There are also people who do not know how to use the internet as well as folks who just don’t want to use it. To clear any doubts, here’s a quick look at countries with highest number of offline people.

Bangladesh – This densely populated country has more than 112 million internet users. In comparison, the number of offline users is around 100 million. The country is facing multiple challenges in increasing internet penetration. Some of these issues include low literacy rate, lack of infrastructure, rural areas, and limited local content.

Nigeria – Total internet users in Nigeria is around 136 million whereas offline people number around 118 million. Nigerian people rely heavily on mobile internet, as compared to accessing it on laptops or desktop PCs. Nigeria generates the highest internet traffic in all of Africa.

Pakistan – A country that is undergoing a range of challenges, Pakistan has around 100 million internet users. However, the number of offline people in the country is much higher at around 142 million. Pakistan has had an unstable political structure, with several coups and military regimes in the past. This has adversely impacted the country’s economic growth.

China – While total number of internet users is just around 100 million short of a billion, there are nearly 600 million people who do not use internet. China does not lack the resources to provide internet connectivity to most people. For example, countries like Iceland, Kuwait, Norway, Sweden, United States, etc. have more that 90% internet connectivity. It’s just that countries like China have such huge population that it will take time to cover more people with internet connectivity.

India – One of the fastest growing countries in the world, India currently has more than 700 million internet users. That’s a lot, but with its burgeoning population of more than 1300 million, there’s a large chunk of people in the country who still don’t use internet. Internet in India has boomed ever since affordable 4G was made available to people. The internet rates in India are among the cheapest in the world.

Internet penetration will continue to grow across the globe in the coming decades. The next surge in internet growth will be powered by Internet of Things (IoT), which is essentially a complex web of interconnected sensors, software and devices. With IoT, users will be able to access and control any connected device from any part of the world. Newer cellular network technologies such as 5G and 6G will further boost growth of internet. Satellite based internet connectivity will also become commonplace in the years to come.

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