Most Dangerous Spy Agencies In The World

The world of spies has always fascinated us and it’s a common theme for movies, novels, web series and television serials. Of these, the 007 franchise is probably the most notable and also one of the most profitable. Many things shown in James Bond movies may be exaggerated, but the fact that spies can be lethal is quite true in the real world. It’s evident in news stories about mysterious deaths, assassinations and disappearances that we often come across in the media. To better understand the world of spies, here’s a quick look at some of the most dangerous spy agencies in the world.

MI6 (Military Intelligence Section 6) – Even though it’s more than a hundred years old, MI6 revealed its identity not before 1994. The primary role of UK’s MI6 includes counter terrorism operations and gathering information about organized crime, drug trafficking, nuclear weapons, etc. MI6 is said to have played a key role during World War I and II.

FSB (Federal Security Service) – This is the primary intelligence agency in Russia, considered as the successor to the KGB. It even has its headquarters at the same place as that of KGB. FSB is active both inside Russia as well as international locations. Its primary responsibilities include counterespionage, internal security, and tracking drug smuggling, terrorism and organized crime.

ISI (Inter-services Intelligence) – Pakistan’s ISI is one of the most dreaded spy agencies in the world. It is said to have contacts with terror groups in most parts of the Islamic world. ISI works in close cooperation with the Pakistan military. One of the most notable aspects about ISI is that it hasn’t had a double agent or a defector till date.

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) – Formed in 1947 in the backdrop of Cold War, CIA is ranked as the most technologically advanced spy agency in the world. It has been involved in various covert operations across the globe as well as dismantling communist governments in various countries. However, CIA also had its fair share of setbacks such as 9/11 attack.

Mossad – Surrounded by enemies all around, Israel created Mossad in 1949. Over the years, it has emerged as the most feared spy agency in the world. Mossad is widely known for its remorseless covert operations such as the assassination of all suspects who were involved in the massacre at 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Mossad has also been associated with killings of several Palestinian leaders.

Spies and spy agencies do what they do because they have to protect the interests of their respective country. And it’s not always about killing someone. As a matter of fact, assassinations are used as a last resort by spy agencies. The regular work of spies is to gather information about enemy’s defense systems, weapons, military might, political situation, etc. Things like covert operations, spreading misinformation or arranging a coup are also among the key roles played by spy agencies.

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