Couple Entrepreneur said, “Bombay Toy Company is inspired by Waldorf & Montessori Education.

Bombay Toy Company is revolutionizing childhood play with its exquisite range of handcrafted wooden toys, meticulously designed to foster holistic child development. Founded in November 2020 by Kaveaa & Deep Gupta and now under the new ownership of Shweta & Viral Dharod, this Indian venture epitomizes the essence of sustainable, eco-friendly playtime.

Inspired by the renowned Waldorf and Montessori educational philosophies, Bombay Toy Company offers a captivating array of open-ended toys. These toys, crafted by skilled artisans across India, are not just playthings but tools for sensory, pretend, outdoor, and indoor play.

At the heart of Bombay Toy Company’s ethos lies a commitment to early childhood learning. Their toys are designed to stimulate fine motor skills, encourage free play, and promote self-directed exploration. Each toy is a testament to the company’s dedication to provide toys that foster imagination.

What sets Bombay Toy Company apart is its focus to design toys that are minimal and purposeful. Through their meticulously curated collection, they champion a hands-on approach to learning, allowing children to explore their creativity and imagination freely.

By prioritizing sustainable practices and sourcing materials locally, Bombay Toy Company not only nurtures young minds but also contributes to the preservation of the environment. Every toy proudly bears the mark of being made in India, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of the country.

As champions of play-based learning, Bombay Toy Company invites parents and educators alike to join them in their mission to redefine childhood play. With their range of educational toys, they aim to inspire a generation of young learners and foster a lifelong love for learning.

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