ZUHYX Investment Fund Raises $200 Million: An Interview with Founder Felix Hayes

Media OutReach Newswire – 24 May 2024 – Recently, ZUHYX, a leading global crypto asset exchange, announced a $200 million investment fund for venture investments and innovation incubation in the Web3 domain. This fund will support startups focused on increasing crypto adoption, emphasizing project incubation, early-stage development, and later-stage growth, thereby promoting the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

“We aim to help more developers realize their potential,” said Felix Hayes, founder of ZUHYX, at the launch ceremony of the investment fund. “ZUHYX is committed to contributing to the growth of the industry. We aspire to grow alongside promising projects, driving innovation and application of blockchain technology.”

Felix Hayes, a passionate entrepreneur committed to the spirit of Web3, rarely gives media interviews. At the launch ceremony, he emphasized the importance of connecting values, people, and the economy in Web3. He believes that supporting projects in DeFi, DAO, AI, and social fields will establish a thriving Web3 ecosystem and accelerate blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption.

Felix Hayes, an experienced technology leader with over 13 years in fintech and financial services, held key positions at Citigroup, McKinsey & Company, BlackRock, and a tech startup before founding ZUHYX.

In 2021, Felix Hayes leveraged his deep understanding of blockchain technology and the digital asset market to start his entrepreneurial journey. He holds a BA and MA in computer science from Princeton University, providing a solid foundation for his work in the digital asset market.

The leadership and industry expertise of Hayes have driven the steady development of ZUHYX. He closely monitors the digital asset market and continuously adjusts its strategy. Under his guidance, ZUHYX has become a leader in Bitcoin trading, offering reliable services to millions of users worldwide.

“We are confident about the future and will continue to lead innovation, constantly improving product and service quality, promoting the development and adoption of Web3, and striving to create more value for users and advance the world,” Felix Hayes said at the end of the interview. “We adhere to a win-win-win philosophy, supporting entrepreneurs who genuinely want to dedicate themselves to Web3 for the long term, allowing ordinary investors to share in the rewards brought by the growth of the project.”

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