Courseplay announces a new collaboration with Go1 for their off-the-shelf e-learning content library

Mumbai, Maharashtra: Courseplay today announced a new partnership with Go1, the market leader in corporate learning content aggregation. This partnership will allow Courseplay clients to choose from more than 100k titles from a single library.

“We’re truly delighted to be partnered with Go1. It’s very rare for a company to offer the kind of scale and impact that is offered by Go1 and we are thrilled that we can offer the same scale and impact to our clients. They have completely changed the way the corporate world thinks of L&D and I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with them.“ explains Arjun Gupta, CEO at Courseplay. “The Go1 library perfectly complements our vision to offer a 360-degree employee experience solution that provides flexibility and growth to employees in all departments across all sectors.”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

More than 100k eLearning courses in one place

Content in different languages

Content that caters to the whole organization’s competencies

“With the new way of working, it’s critical that employees be offered options for skill development that are adaptive to suit the changing nature of business requirements,” reports Pankaj Baradia, VP Sales at Courseplay. “With our partnership, Courseplay clients are able to leverage Go1 content and create personalized learning journeys to suit any role.”

Courseplay is the next-gen solution for 360-degree employee growth. The AI-powered employee experience platform focuses on offering on-the-job, social and formal learning to the modern workplace. Large enterprises and fast-growing startups are managing their entire skill and talent development lifecycle on our unified talent experience platform and mobile apps. Learn more at

Go1 offers an affordable, one-stop solution to unlock workforce potential through world-class eLearning. Organizations can now more simply upskill, retrain, and engage every team member and better track compliance with centralized tracking to future-proof and optimize teams and eliminate manual work.

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