Cow milk protein can block high BP, says new research

Ours is a strange new world, where there are as many new medical innovations and medicines, as there are new types of human disorders. High blood pressure (hypertension) is one such disorder that is becoming increasingly rampant among the masses. High blood pressure is a condition propagated by improper and unhealthy lifestyle, characterized by stress and nutritional deficiency. While several different types of medications areavailable for high blood pressure, their long-term effects are not properly defined, which is a worrisome situation. However, there’s some relief, as scientists have discovered through a new research that protein from cow milk products such as best full cream milk, organic curd, etc. can help reduce systolic blood pressure.

In the research, the researchers chose people who were diagnosed with prehypertension and stage-1 high blood pressure. Random groups were formed, one of which included people who were given cow’s milk equaling40 grams of milk protein, as part of their daily diet. Other groups included those who were supplemented with soy milk and a carbohydrate-based drink. The research went on for eight weeks, after which it was noticed that the group drinking cow’s milk has managed to reduce its blood pressure by the highest margin of 2.3 mm Hg. The soy milk group recorded 2.0 mm Hg drop whereas the carb-fed group showed no change.

Now, a figure of 2.3 may appear insignificant to a layman, but when health experts were consulted, they said that the results are very important. It is because even such a seemingly small change can have significant health benefits over the years. As per estimates provided by health experts, the reduction in blood pressure achieved thorough cow milk protein could reduce stroke-related deaths by 6%, heart disease deaths by 4% and overall deaths among Americans by 3%. Since thousands of lives can be saved or prolonged, the results are certainly promising.

Cow milk products such as best full cream milk, organic curd, and others are easily available and affordable. They are hundred percent natural, have no side effects, and supply the body with a wide variety of essential nutrients. The research goes on to show that including cow milk products such as best full cream milk, organic curd, and others in your daily diet can be a good idea to prevent and control lifestyle disorders such as high blood pressure. Good health is the key to a good life, so grab that glass of milk, whenever you can.

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