Fresh milk works better than your branded shampoo

With increased air and water pollution, keeping your hair healthy, shining and strong has become a huge challenge. There are branded shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products that make big promises, but they may not be worth their claims since most of these are costly and containsyntheticchemicals. So, why not try something natural, for example, daily products such as fresh milk, organic full cream milk, etc.? These can easily turn out to be the magical potion you have been searching to put an end to your hair problems. Let’s see how dairy products such as fresh milk, organic full cream milk, etc. can help you get smooth, shiny hair.

Fresh milk and organic full cream milk are loaded with the ‘Casein’ protein, which has shown to improve hair health. Casein works in three different ways, firstly by providing nourishment, secondly moisturizationand thirdly by preventing hair damage. Our hair is mostly made of protein, so a protein-rich diet, such as that including dairy products, is essential for healthy hair. In addition, there are several other nutrients in milk such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, etc., which nourish the scalp and the hair cells.

There are so many things you can do with fresh milk, organic full cream milk, etc. for effective and long lasting hair care.

  • If your hair is dry and rough, you can just sprinkle some milk onto your hair and rub it in gently. Do this thoroughly for some time and wash off with water. After a few days, you will notice that your hair has become naturally soft and silky, just as you had wanted. Here, it is necessarythat you choose full cream milk because if we look at double toned milk nutrition, we can see that it has less fats as compared to full cream milk.
  • You can use milk as a natural hair conditioner. Fill some milk in a sprayer and spray it on your hair. Let it percolate inside for around 15 minutes and later wash it off with water. You will notice that your hair has become smoother and shinier.
  • Treating your hair with milk is a good way to repair hair damage that may have occurred due to air and water pollution.

Remember that fresh milk, organic full cream milk, etc. can work both externally as well as internally to boost hair health. So, make sure you include these in your daily diet. You can also drink toned milk, as double toned milk nutrition is very much the same as full cream milk, with the exception of the fat percentage.

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