Dave Doogan

Dave Doogan is a Member of Parliament (MP) from Angus constituency in UK. He is a member of Scottish National Party (SNP). Elections in Angus constituency were held for the first time in 1997. Since then, it has been dominated by Scottish National Party. It was only in 2017 general election that Angus was won by another party. In that year, Kirstene Hair of Conservative Party had won from Angus.

In 2019, the Angus seat was again won back by Scottish National Party. Dave Doogan defeated incumbent Kirstene Hair by a margin of more than 3k votes. Doogan got 49.1% of the votes in comparison to 40.4% of his nearest rival. In terms of percentage vote share, 2019 general election were the second-best performance for Scottish National Party from Angus constituency.

The highest vote share registered by Scottish National Party from Angus was in 2015 elections. At that time, Mike Weir had received 24,130 votes or 54.2% of the overall votes cast. Surprisingly, Mike Weir was defeated just two years later in 2017 general election from Augus. In 2019, Dave Doogan was successful in brining back the Angus constituency to Scottish National Party.

Early life and education

Dave Doogan was born in Perth, Scotland on March 04, 1973. He was born to Irish parents, James Doogan and Annie Doogan. Doogan started working as a civilian in Royal Navy. He first served as an Apprentice Aircraft Engineer. In following years, his work at the Royal Navy encompassed team leader, supervisor, commercial management, operations planning manager, specialization in Sea King Search and Rescue Aircraft, repair and maintenance of helicopter transmission, and Sea King and Lynx transmission production manager.

After serving as an aircraft engineer under the Ministry of Defense for close to two decades, Doogan decided to make a career switch. With his growing interest in politics, Doogan joined University of Dundee. From there, he completed his First-Class MA (Hons) in Politics and International Relations in 2011.

Political career

Doogan got his first break in political world when he was elected councilor from Perth and Kinross Council in 2012. He got the largest percentage of first preference votes. He was appointed as the Convenor of Housing and Health. He looked after various things such as social care and council housing.

Doogan was reelected from Perth and Kinross Council in 2017. This time, his vote share increased by 4.02%. He was appointed as the leader of the SNP group on Perth and Kinross Council. This effectively made him the Leader of the Opposition. In 2019, Dave Doogan was elected MP from Augus constituency.

Personal pursuits

Dave Doogan remains committed to the welfare of people in his constituency and country. Dave Doogan’s marriage was in 1999 to Gillian Kirk.

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