Countries that were invaded by the British apart from India

Every Indian is aware of the fact the British rule in India lasted for about 200 years before we got independence on 15th August 1947. Indians struggled for about a century to get freedom from colonial rule. It did not only establish its reign in India, but there are other countries too which were invaded by the British forces. Here is a list of top countries that were invaded by the British apart from India.

  1. Egypt: It was occupied by British forces during the Anglo-Egyptian War. It got independence in 1922. However British influence continued, the UK forced the Egyptian rulers to obey the British officers in Cairo. The foreign policy and defence was truly controlled by the UK and also stationed British troops at Egyptian territory. The country finally got independence on 1952
  2. Libya: Since the middle of the sixteenth century Libya had been under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Libya became an Italian colony following the Italo-Turkish war of 1912. The defeat in World War II has cost the Italians to lose control over Libya. The UN administration split the control between France and Britain. The UN General Assembly declared in 1949 that independence should be given to Libya by 1952. Libya declared its independence from Britain and France on 24th December 1951.
  3. Ireland: The 1919 Irish Declaration of Independence was never recognised by the UK. The Irish election of 1932, successive governments unilaterally amended the state’s status. On 3 May 1933, the Constitution Act implicitly abrogated the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty. The Ireland Act of 1949 and The Republic of Ireland Act and came into effect on 18th April 1949 which made Ireland formally leave the British Commonwealth finally gaining its independence.
  4. South Africa: Britain gave South Africa nominal independence 8 years after the end of the second Boer war on May 1910. Though it was rated as independent the country did not become fully independent from the British empire. A referendum was held in 1961 in which the public voted to become a republic. The nationalist government started breaking down the barriers between races through abolishing apartheid in 1990. The African National Congress won the first totally inclusive elections which were held in 1994.

Bottom Line:

The British Raj almost invaded all the countries of the world. There no empire as strong as the British empire. World War II was the main reason behind the disintegration of the British empire as it was drained out of money, half-prostrate and half-demolished.

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