Design Arc, an interior design company located in Bangalore, specializes in crafting exceptional commercial office interiors and managing comprehensive turnkey projects. Over the past ten years, Design Arc has been responsible for conceptualizing and delivering more than 500+ innovative office spaces in and around Bangalore. This accomplishment has solidified their position as one of the best interior designers in Bangalore.

Design head Mr. Jyothish explains the team at Design Arc comprises of 100+ employees who are highly creative and Passionate designers and architects. They are complemented by a proficient project management unit that adeptly transforms clients’ visions into concrete realities. With a core focus on commercial office interiors and turnkey interior endeavours, Design Arc offers a holistic range of services, supported by a fully equipped project execution workforce.

The team is fuelled by a collective aspiration to consistently “innovate and transform,” consistently challenging conventional design boundaries. Their approach to each project is marked by precision and lucidity, resulting in the delivery of creative and ingenious design aesthetics that elevate them above the ordinary commercial spaces. The substantial growth and prosperity they’ve achieved can be attributed to their profound comprehension of clients’ needs, goals, and values.

Their team is unequivocally viewed as the cornerstone of their triumph. In Bangalore, a city renowned for its abundance of skilled interior designers, Design Arc has carved a distinctive niche with its unique styles and design vocabulary. With over a dozen years of hands-on experience in the realm of interiors in Bangalore, they have successfully accomplished projects spanning a total floor area exceeding 2 million square feet. Their capacity to proficiently execute a wide array of projects solidifies their standing as premier commercial interior designers in bangalore.

Design Arc offers a range of services including interior planning and design, complete interior contracting solutions, building service engineering, procurement, construction, and project management. Their design philosophy revolves around crafting remarkable office interiors that give life to your vision. They assure optimal cost-effectiveness and harness advanced technology to deliver top-tier projects while staying within the budget. Best office interior design companies in bangalore offers unwavering dedication to precision, careful space utilization, and smooth project handover guarantee an unparalleled journey. Through close collaboration with clients, they formulate the design brief and follow a comprehensive design approach that encompasses space arrangement, a thorough examination of user dynamics, extensive brand/company research, and a profound comprehension of individuals and their workflow processes. The team excels in delivering spaces for well-known brands within set timeframes. Unlike numerous interior design firms in Bangalore, Design Arc has distinguished itself by cultivating a unique and recognizable design style, setting it apart.

Design Arc provides smooth relocation services to new locations, guaranteeing the highest level of project quality. Our success is rooted in our dedication to satisfying clients and meeting their unique needs. Our main emphasis is on creating exceptional office interiors, and we take pride in establishing a distinctive position in the field of commercial office design. With our distinctive design approach and one of India’s finest “build teams,” we assume complete responsibility for project execution management. Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier service ensures that projects are finalized within the designated timeline and budget.

Bringing a wealth of expertise and extensive experience in project estimation and quality management, the team excels in providing superior standards that align with client needs and guarantee the punctual completion of project.

The team’s service professionals possess exceptional skill and extensive experience in the realm of building services and engineering, enabling them to effortlessly harmonize design with MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) components. This proficiency guarantees a seamless integration between design aesthetics and technical systems. Drawing upon a rich reserve of knowledge and a deep history in project estimation and quality management, the team excels in upholding elevated standards that closely resonate with client requirements, ensuring the timely culmination of projects.

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