Develop complex apps rapidly – Your tech stack, your interface!

You have this brilliant app idea and now you are wondering how you can get it developed fast. Most startups face this scenario, as ideas are worth something only when they can offer something useful, something meaningful to the target audience. An app is like giving wings and voice to your idea, so that it can reach out to your audience and communicate with them. Building an app may have been tough earlier, but fortunately, we now have cloud-based, rapid development platforms such as STTarter that can be used to build a wide variety of mobile and responsive apps. Here’s how STTarter can help transform your app idea into a trailblazing success story.

Time to Market – Ideas are strange beings; you might know them, but they might be hobnobbing with others as well. The clock is always ticking fast for startup app ideas. Here, success is defined by time to market; the sooner you launch your app, the greater will be the probability of success. STTarter can maximize that probability by helping you build and launch your app in record time. No matter how complex your app idea might be or what domain it may apply to, STTarter can always help you achieve the desired time to market you are looking for.

Your tech stack, your interface – One of the great things about STTarter is that it does not force you to use a particular technology or platform. You can choose your favorite tech stack such as Android, Apple, Xamarin, Ionic, Angular, Visual Studio, Java, JavaScript, etc. This will ensure that you do not have to invest time, effort and monetary resources in developing a new platform, retooling developers or hiring new resources. Moreover, you are free to create the User Interface (UI) of your choice. These features provide amazing flexibility to your app development efforts and help you get the final product, exactly as you had in mind. Furthermore, STTarter comes with some of the most commonly used components, made available through out of the box consumables in the form of SDKs and APIs. It packs native SDKs for iOS and Android, SDK for Xamarin and a host of powerful APIs for implementing a wide variety of features and functionalities.

All the tools in one place – With STTarter, you can get all the tools you need through a single console. There’s ‘Communicator’ for efficient messaging and sharing of media content, all while, providing powerful moderation tools for auto flagging and abuse detection. There’s the ‘Content System’, which is driven by powerful APIs and allows you to create your own list and content structure. There’s ‘Coupons’, which can be easily integrated with open source e-commerce platforms and customizedshopping carts. It comes with powerful analytics that allow you to track campaigns, metrics and ROI. Then there’s ‘Wallets’, which offers multiple wallet modes such as single user closed wallets, family wallets and business wallets. With Wallets, you can run offers, providefreebies, track transactionhistory and facilitate refunds. There’s ‘Referrals’ that allows you to create and launch innovative referral campaigns in just a few clicks.

With these powerful tools and features, you can launch your app within days, rather than wait for several months to get it done. STTarter also offers the flexibility to iterate rapidly, which ensures that you can quickly respond to evolving market dynamics and user trends. Furthermore, STTarter itself continues to evolve, with new components and functionalities being added almost every month. If you think you have a revolutionary app idea, it might be worthwhile totalk to the folks at

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