Digital Shadows Leads the Way in Managing Cyber Threats

With transactions and data assets moving to the digital domain, individuals and organizations face a constant risk of being targeted via cyber attacks. These entities not only face the risk of financial loss, but also the risk of loss of reputation and brand image. While enterprise data securitysolutions are available, most of these follow a reactive approach, which may not be effective in all situations. For foolproof digital security, a proactive approach has to be adopted by organizations. This is exactly what Digital Shadows has been doing over the years. A leading digital risk management company, Digital Shadows actively monitors digital risks that organizations face across the entire digital spectrum that includes the visible, deep and dark web. When risks are identified, Digital Shadows works to provide proactive solutions to remedy those risks.

Digital Shadows was launched in 2011 in London and since then, it has expanded operations throughout Europe and US. In addition to its London headquarters, the company has another headquarters in SanFrancisco, US. The company was founded by Alastair Paterson and James Chappell, both of whom have extensive experience in information security and digital risk management. Both co-founders were passionate about finding newer ways to fight cybercrime and fraud, which led them to the idea of launching Digital Shadows.

Several of the top global organizations are now clients of Digital Shadows, as its proactive approach to managing cyber threats is hugely effective in reducing digital risks. The company utilizes its own digital risk management platform, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Leaning. The system scans millions of sources on the open, deep and dark web in multiple languages to identify threats related to the digital footprint of an organization. The system utilizes machine learning algorithms to separate real threats from irrelevant stuff, which are then reported to the human team. The system essentially works to find a needle in the haystack, something that makes it effective in identifying real cyber threats.

Digital Shadows has received investments worth $48 million through five rounds of funding. Top investors include Octopus Ventures, Trinity Ventures, and Storm Ventures. Co-founder Alastair Paterson currently serves as the CEO of Digital Shadows. He has more than a decade of experience in large-scale data analytics for risk and intelligence. Co-founder James Chappell works as the Chief Innovation Officer and he has been assisting private sector firms and government agencies since 1997 in managing theirinformation security.

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