DIY Storage Ideas

DIY storage ideas are a good way to reduce clutter in your home by organizing things that may just be lying scattered all around. These ideas also allow you to make good use of the old stuff in your home. Here are some cool DIY storage ideas that will transform your home and free a lot of living space.

Laundry bags using pillow covers: Your old pillow covers can be easily transformed into laundry bags. There are several variations that you can try. For example, you can sew a nylon rope along the opening of the pillow case and hang it to a hook on the wall or door. Another way is to use flexible metal wires, such as that found in conventional umbrellas. You can sew the metal wire to the opening of the pillow cover. This way, it will remain open every time you need to put your dirty laundry in it.

Old mug as pen stand: If you have an old mug, you can use it as a pen stand. Even if the mug is broken, you can use some instant adhesive to fix it. The lines across the broken parts of the mug will reflect your minimalisticlifestyle. However, you can choose to cover the visible lines with some paint, lace or decorative tape. Or you can paint the entire mug with various colors, patterns, and designs of your choice.

Cardboard/wooden boxes for underbed storage: If you have space under your bed, you can use some old cardboard/wooden boxes to store things that you do not need on a regular basis. The boxes could contain your kid’s toys, old newspapers, tools and repair equipment, used clothes and bedding, etc. In case of wooden boxes, you can add wheels and handles. This would make it easier for you to pull out and push back the boxes. You can also add a cardboard cover on top of the boxes to keep out the dust.

Hanging shoe rack using old bed sheets: A hanging shoe rack will free up floor space and will look a lot more attractive, if you choose a cool design. To make a hanging shoe rack, you will need some old bed sheets. You just have to cut a rectangular piece from the bed sheet and then add pockets to it. You can hang this on a hook on the wall. The size and number of pockets will depend on how many shoes you have.

Tin cans for easily misplaced items: There are many small things in our homes that don’t have a permanent address. These often get misplaced. Think about stationary items, screwdrivers, batteries, nuts & bolts, coins, etc. You can use old tin cans to organize these things in a proper manner. You can label the tins, so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

There are various other DIY storage ideas that you can implement in your home. These DIY projects will keep you productively engaged and it would also be beneficial for the environment.

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